The T-Shirt Necklace

Introduction: The T-Shirt Necklace

About "T-Shirt" Necklaces

We have been seeing these really fun T-shirt necklaces all over lately and we thought we needed to make our own version. Instead of a T-shirt though we used our new Light Jersey Circle Scarves, which gives a longer necklace and therefore a lot more options for the ways you can wear it. Plus, there's no need to cut up your favorite t-shirt!

Step 1: Let's Get Started!

Shopping list:

One (or two) dyed Circle Scarf in Light Jersey

Scissors or a Rotary fabric cutter

Ruler (totally optional, we didn't use one, but if you prefer more precise strips use one!)

Step 2: First Dye Your Scarf.

Check out the easy Bread Bag method (what we used for this tutorial)! For other dyeing techniques check here.

Step 3: Then Cut Your Scarf.

Fold your scarf at the seam and lay it out flat on a table.

Start cutting — Start from the unseamed end, Make 1” strips, cutting almost to the seam but not quite, the seam is what will hold everything together.

Step 4: Stretch It Out!

Once all the strips are cut take each strip one at a time and stretch it. This will cause the edges to curl in, hiding the cut edges.

Step 5: Lookin' Good!

Wear your new necklace/ scarf/ headband/ sash! Here are a few of our favorite options.

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