The TP Thing!




Since my apartment bathroom sinks are located OUTSIDE the bathroom, there is no place to store extra TP, and no shelf to set wet wipes on (or my phone for that matter). I created The TP thing to handle the job.

Step 1: Download the TP Thing!

I have posted my design files on Thingiverse!

Download it here:

Step 2: Open the TP Thing .stl File in Your Slicer Program and Print!

I designed the TP thing in Solidworks, and the axes transfer differently. You will have to rotate the TP thing such that it matches the image in this step.

Set the infill to 15% and print at your preferred layer height and speeds for the material you choose to use.

Step 3: Mount the TP Thing

The TP thing mounts on the wall with 3 drywall screws. Use a level on top of the shelf, mark out the holes, and place your drywall mollies before finally mounting the TP thing to the wall with drywall screws.



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