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Hey guys! This is my latest creation: "The TUB." TUB stands for "Totally Ugly Box," at that is exactly what I think of this gun.  Well, for starters, I decided to build a concept/performance gun to rival Oblivitus' Z35. I don't believe that I have accomplished that feat, but it was a great try. This gun features flip up sights, easy extra sight attachments, great range, and horrid looks. Now lets move to pros and cons, shall we?

Great range: 50 ft.
Double shot (This means that when the trigger is pulled, two rounds fly out at the same velocity)
Handle guard
Pre-loadable mag
Mag shoots blue rods
Charging handle is the firing pin
Trigger works like a charm

Jams somewhat frequently (well, if you load the mag and fire rapidly, it wont jam, but for some weird reason, when you leave the FP in the mag, the bullets snag on it).
Extras don't look right on it

Tell me what you think, and as always RATE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE!!!

(This gun will not be posted).

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    looking very good. horrid looks... lol. it's not so bad, kinda bulky, but ok. as for the Z35, it's been beaten in performance several times, just wasn't sure if you were aware. i would like you to make an internal pusher for this mag, as it is a blue rod mag, the easiest internal pusher mag there is. i like your different attempts at sights. some of them seem quite interesting. overall, it's looking very good, and you're definitely getting a lot better. oh and one last thing, try to make it so that the charging handle can slide forward after cocking the ram, for much better shots.

    17 replies

    Can you show some of the guns that beat the Z35? I want to make a good shooting gun, but I can't find ideas

    lol. the Z35 is outdated. it was an extremely good gun in '09, and one of my favorites then and now. however, it still isn't up to date with the newer guns that are better. i don't want to brag, but i think my S1,2,4 all beat it in strength. the S1 and 4 probably beat it in accuracy too. as for comfort, size, complication, piece efficiency and band efficiency, all of the above beat the Z35. the ZKAR also beats it btw. oh and maybe kinetic's RSAR. i'm sure there are more, but those are the ones close to my heart. if you're looking for an excellent gun to build for the strength and reliable mechanism, my S2 is a good choice, as it is my strongest gun ever (people don't seem to believe me unless they've built it. it really is stronger than any other gun i've ever seen. only pin guns, that is), it is quite accurate (not more than the Z35, but much stronger than it) and it's one of the more reliable guns there are. the ease of use, comfortability and fast action are also beneficial. and of course, it's incredible size and piece count. it also has only one essential broken piece. if you want a more "heavy duty gun", my S1 is very good, but it uses quite a few broken pieces. i hope this helps!

    on a side note, wtf is up with your profile picture lol?!

    Well, the Z35 is rather outdated, but keep in mind, the guns you named don't have the same abilities as the Z35. The Z35 has both breach loading and mag loading abilities. I don't believe any of the guns you named have that type of "standard," if you will. As to strength, most, if not all guns only require more bands, this is the case with my "TUB." With only one size 117 band, it shot like 5ft, but with two, it shot more that double that.

    Well, if you don't mind, I would like to to give me your opinion on your M17S. I looks good, but not as exact as I would like to make it...(no offense intended). Does it get good range? I am not new to the K'NEX world, in fact, I consider my self an old hand at the work, but still, one is never done learning. I did not offend you by the message I left on your orange board, or the message I PMed you?

    Any one have a good gun idea!?!

    that capability, while cool, isn't really helpful, and it also requires some *not to be underestimated* mods to the barrel and magazine. anyway, none of the guns i listed do that, no. about the last part, that is the big misconception of most knexers. strength is by all means not just a function of how many bands there are on the gun, and i, for one, always try to maximize the gun's capabilities by actually making the gun more efficient and not by relying on structural strength so i can add more bands. for example, a bolt action mechanism makes any gun at least twice as strong. an efficient overall layout (mostly perfect lengths in barrel, but some other things to notice there as well) also does a great deal of help. to prove what i'm saying, take my S2 for example, my strongest gun ever. with one #28 band it gets over 70 feet flat. how? firstly, it's a bolt action, it has the most efficient barrel i've ever made (i predicted it would be very strong when i was working on it), and it shoots one of the 2 best (imho, anyway) ammo types in knex (blue and yellow rods). the trigger is extremely "accurating" (you'll be surprised how much the trigger setup has to do with the strength and accuracy of the gun. i found out the hard way) and strong (=reliable, doesn't break). i just want you to understand what a big mistake it is to say that.

    my M17S is pretty close, but not 100% accurate, so i guess you could make it better. i don't remember for sure, but i'm pretty sure it got like 65~80 feet with 3 bands. as far as i know, you've only been here for like 5 months or something, no? that's not all that much. i've been here for 3 years and that's just rounding in on a veteran builder. i do consider myself good, but i don't know if i'm as good as some of the older guys that left. no offense, but i think you are quite a bit less experienced than me. i didn't get any PM or orangeboard comment from you... 0.o

    Well, I agree with you there. The capability of a dual purpose gun (breach loading and mag loaded) is cool, but quite unnecessary. Well, I see your point, but technically, its a two sided coin. On the one hand, you can make guns your way, that have good range because of your set-up, or you can just add more bands. I agree, it is a common misunderstanding, but it has it's value. Adding more bands can give you more power. Its as simple as that. I disagree with your view on ammo, though. Rod ammo jams, gets caught on the FP, and is not as heavy, and thus, not as strait a shot.

    Well, even my mom thinks your M17S is beautiful! XD confusing. Well, I have only been here for about 6 months, but I didn't mean that I was a good builder, as I consider that bragging. I meant that I had been building for years, as I truly have. Well, you have much more experience in the "K'NEX field" than I have, and I am not offended at all. Are you sure you have nothing on your orange board?

    Do you know what bolt action means in k'nex? It means the round is chambered, separated from the magazine. That way, neither the pin nor the other bullets interfere or get caught on the bullet. It has been definitively proven that the strongest guns are those that are more efficient and not those that are more band capable. Besides, there's a certain limit where even if the gun can handle it, adding more bands makes it too hard to use the gun. Also, after about 2 bands, each extra band added is scarcely effective. There is no limit for neither points in efficiency, and it is therefor much superior. Rod ammo is better IMO because it does not explode, and for both blue and yellow rods, their weight is good enough to make an extremely good shot, and since their center of gravity is in the front when shot, while connector ammo's equivalent is in the middle, rod ammo gets more range and is typically more accurate.

    Lol I have nothing on my OB, no.

    Ahhhhhhhh, thanks for shedding some light on the BA mech! Helps a lot! So let me get this strait, your pull back the CH, it in turn pulls mack the FP, and as you pull back, a round goes into the chamber. You push the CH back, and pull the trigger? Is that the basics of how it works?

    I still disagree with you on the rod ammo. I spins as it leaves the barrel, more often than not it hits its target on its side, and is not heavy enough. But  "too each his own I always say."

    Maybe you are blocked as a user...weird. I see what I can do.

    no. the bolt cocks the ram when you pull it back, but then, you either push the bolt back forward manually or it is done by a rubber band, but the bolt goes forward, pushing a rod into the magazine, which pushes a single bullet forward and up onto a ramp, which then also acts as a bullet lock. by doing that you chamber a round, or in other words, you single out 1 round from the magazine into the chamber or the barrel. this eliminates all the problems that occur with rod ammo, thus creating an ultimate gun - rod ammo is superior to connector ammo for the reasons i pointed out in my previous comment, and the problems you stated don't count if you make a bolt action. so if you make a rod ammo BA, you have yourself the strongest, most accurate, most efficient type of knex pin gun there is.

    once again, refer to what i said in the previous paragraph and the previous comment to understand why your assumption is fundamentally wrong. also, in a BA the rounds go as straight as straight can be, getting the best ranges, accuracy and penetration (into soft materials such as cardboard, that is). my target practice is shooting my S1, S2 and S4 at a printed out 2.5 inch target from about 30 feet, while the target is taped to a single thick piece of cardboard. 4 out of 5 shots penetrate the cardboard, and about 19 out of 20 hit the target, a high amount of them hitting straight in the middle. my S1 is the most accurate and "heavy duty" of the bunch, probably because it was designed for a good firing mech, it is a rifle (as opposed to my S2 which is a pistol), and it shoots yellow rods (heavier ammo = better aim, assuming they're shot from a good gun to begin with).

    i'm positive i'm not blocked as a user. i've never had nor do i have atm any problems with the site. i have found myself and a few others not getting email notifications all the time however, so that might be the problem. if you can see my comment on your home page, you should be getting an email for it, and if you're not, you should file a bug report to the site.

    @Sharir (I don't realy like the new way of seeing comments), Ok. I'll try them someday. I must first find some bands, as I only have some small ones left. I like the S1 from the pics, but it looks like I don't have enough yellows, can you maybe estimate how many it used?
    About the picture. Lol, I don't know. I was watching some MLP, and then this scene appeared

    ok. i'm not 100% sure because it's long gone, but i think my S1 has only 1 yellow rod (in the bolt), and bullets, however many you want. lol

    Well, I think it looks ugly...XD Yes, it is bulky, but that is one of the things I like about it. Well, I know that the Z35 has been beaten when it comes to performance, but I have yet to see a real good one. Well, the internal mag pusher is a kinda good idea, but I chose not to do so, for multiple reasons. LOL, now you are gonna think this gun is dumb, but I would like to point out to you the fact that the CH is the FP...oh no, here it comes...XD