The Takedown MK II a Knex Assault Rifle


Introduction: The Takedown MK II a Knex Assault Rifle

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MEET THE MK II it's like the takedown but BETTER!!

How is it better you may ask well I made a list JUST FOR YOU

improved handle
New sights
Changed stock
Improved trigger
Improved frame
Improved bolt(charging handle)
Improved pin guide
Changed ammo
Internal pusher mag
Magwell change
7th later changed
Slightly changed internals
FRICTIONLESS blue rod mech

YES I said frictionless

The mech is a double wide barrel (holds two rods) but the pin only can hit one thus making almost no friction

range 45-50 ft
10 rd internally pushed CURVED mag
Great trigger
Good looks
Good reliability
10rds in 15 seconds!!



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    6 Discussions

    I'm fairly new to knex guns I havent seen one this shape. It looks cool:-)

    It is very well built

    If u understand this i basically took a big hunk of knex 5 layers thich and only took out knex to make space for what mechs I added so it is a very full gun and is pretty heavy heavy

    Good lyck on the plastic perfection too

    1 reply

    Nice work! It looks very well built.

    V2 of Plastic Perfection is now sporting a longer barrel and blue rod magazine. :D