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Introduction: The Teacher - Papertoy

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This is a template I drew up to use in a papertoys project at school, for graphics - it was offered to students as a basic model, and they were encouraged to build on it and improve it, or come up with completely new designs. Before moving on to this, we had done a much simpler version, using a 4cm x 4cm cube, that they had to accessorise to become a character. This gave students the backing in graphic conventions to be able to produce readable images and outlines.

Following the simple box, the complex shape I gave them was called "The Teacher" - around half the class (lower ability) used this in it's outline version, while the other half came up with their own creations, following a period of research online.

I'll be back to update with pictures of the finished items later!

Learning Objectives:

All students will be able to produce simple 3D paper shapes - either using templates, or from their own design
Most students will be able to break down complex shapes into simpler solutions
Some students will be able to produce nets for more irregular shapes,

Project Aims

For all students to have a physical outcome that is of their own design
For students to be able to creatively alter shapes to turn them into imaginative creations
For students to be able to relate knowledge from maths (shapes) and use this in their D&T work
For students to be able to measure length and angle accurately to produce successful outcomes
For students to have an awareness of graphical conventions and be able to use these in their outcomes.

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Step 1: The Basics

In it's simplest form, The Teacher is made up of 4 identical sides. There's no complex curves or anything difficult, just 2 trapezes stuck together on each face, and repeated at 90º to each other. Her head is a flat square, but could easily be replaced with a hat or something on top, to make it more interesting.

It's simply a case of cutting around the outside, and folding the four lines aorund the central square, and the dashed lines in the middle of each trapeze combination. For now, leave the arms (on the top repeat) exactly where they are - it's easier to shape them once the rest is assembled.

Once everything is cut and folded, fold the tabs over, and glue them to the adjacent face. Curve the arms around the body slightly, so they're coming towards you a little.

Step 2: Colour Me...

This is exactly the same outline, but now has added detail. There's one line version, and one that's pre-coloured.

Don't feel she needs to stay girly, pink, or with the flicky hair though - she could be anything by the end!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks much for the template. I have been looking for a simple paper craft activity to accompany a group piano activity for "The Nutcracker Ballet." This should get me started.