"The Teazer" Knex Semi-Automatic Rubber Band Gun (RBG)

Introduction: "The Teazer" Knex Semi-Automatic Rubber Band Gun (RBG)

The Teazer will hold 4-7 rubber bands and will shoot them one at a time. I spent 2 weeks trying to perfect the trigger mechanism that would fire only 1 shot each time you pull the trigger. I finally got it. The handle may be too big for small hands, and you may need to shorten or extend the barrel to fit your ammo better, but I'm very happy with the trigger assembly. I was quite detailed with my instructions, as I've often been frustrated by vague instructables, and ones that skip steps.

EXOTIC PIECES: The only pieces that might be a little rare are the little black dudes in step 4.

This is my first instructable.

Rev. Tie Dye

PS: I recommend you check out the trigger mechanism in MrRadicalEd's RBG repeater. I like it better than mine. It's simpler and works better. What more could you ask?

I designed a rugged pistol that fires little 2-inch RB's. Much better than the Teazer: Gunzo The Great

Step 1: Trigger Assembly

Pic 1 - Build 2 of these
Pic 2 - Add these pieces...
Pic 3 - ...as shown here
Pic 4 - Add the third layer (you may need to temporarily remove the piece indicated by the pen)

cut a piece of duct tape 1/4" wide (8mm) it must be less than 5/8" (10mm)
length is not crucial, about 2-1/2" (65mm) should do.

Pic 5 - Stick the tape as close to the grey connectors as possible
Pic 6 - Wrap it up like this

Step 2: The Spinner

Pic 1 - Use these pieces...
Pic 2 - to make this (the other brown piece is underneath).

Step 3: The Handle

This handle is kind of funky, and may be too big for small hands. Sorry.

Pic 1 - Make these pieces, then put them together the obvious way with the lone green piece last.
Pic 2 - Like this
Pic 3 - Make 4 sets like this
Pic 4 - On layers 2-5, attach the red corners to the blue rods, then connect all the greens. Layer 6 is like layer 1.
Pic 5 - Finished handle.

Step 4: The Nose

Pic 1 - Six yellows here
Pic 2 - If you don't have these black pieces, you might be able to use 2 straight orange connectors (but I haven't tried it).

Step 5: The Sides

Make 2 of these

Step 6: Through-Rods

Use the 4 pieces on the left to make the one on the right
(Actually, you need to make two of these through-rods)

Step 7: Putting It Together

Pic 1 - Attach 3 blue rods and slide the THROUGH-RODS (previous step) through as shown.
Pic 2 - Add wheel as shown, and 2 blue spacers on forward yellow rod
Pic 3 - Add Trigger assembly and 1 blue spacer.
Pic 4 - Add blue and silver spacers on front blue rods (number 2 and 3 from the sesame street counting).
Pic 5 - Add the opposite side piece.
1st - slide over yellow through-rods
2nd - slide over blue axle
3rd Snap in the 3 blue rods, starting at the back
Pic 6 - Add 2 brown connectors to the ends of the yellow through-rods

Step 8: Finishing Touches

Pic 1 - Add Nose assembly as shown
Pic 2 - Add 2 more blue cross pieces to the bottom of the barrel (note the rubber band around the rear one.
Pic 3 - Attach handle as shown
Pic 4 - Add 2 more blue cross pieces for strength with optional spacers.
Pic 5 - Loop rubber band around trigger.

Step 9: Loading the Ammo

I'm using rubber bands that are about 7 inches long. I also added one extra segment to the barrel, of my gun to make it fit these rubber bands better.

Pic 1 - Loop ammo band around black tips
Pic 2 - Stretch Rubber Band around front upright pin of white spinner wheel.
Pic 3 - [to COCK the Gun] Pull back on the wheel while pulling the trigger.
It might take a few times before you get used to doing this.
If you're feeling frustrated, pull just a little bit harder.
Pic 4 - Now the Rubber Band is on the back pin, and you can load another rubber band on the front pin, and cock again. Repeat as many times as you can, until the tension is getting too much.

Depending on where exactly you place the RB on the white pin, the gun may fire when you pull the trigger, or when you release it, after pulling.

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    9 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I made this gun.


    -Stronger "barrel" to support rubber bands

    Overall very good gun, does get jammed sometimes, but one of the only working semi-autos out there!


    9 years ago on Step 4

    if you don't have the back pieces you can cut a orange connector in half


    10 years ago on Introduction

    hej i mad ethis one but i can't shoot it semi do you know why because i amde it like you showed


    11 years ago on Introduction

    i built a new gun. no green rods, no rubberband on the trigger, and it works great! should i post?


    12 years ago on Introduction

    finally, some good Ol original stuff. not bad with the mechanism. but you should make it shoot connectors. but thats just me, i like it when guns shoot connectors or rods, not rubber bands. +1 fav!


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the encouragement. We started making some of the guns on here that shoot rods, but we wanted to shoot each other. And the rods hurt too much. :)


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    yea, rod do hurt. you could try this trick i came up with for that. if you NERF put nerf darts on the tops of your rods. it does not hurt when you get hit with a NERF dart that has a rod in the back. just take into account that the dart makes the rod top heavy.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    I know there's folks that are die-hard plastic-shooters. We're just big fans of RBG's. Thanks for the "tip." (haha)