The Tesseract

Introduction: The Tesseract

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Staying with my making of everything Marvel/Avengers, I wanted to take on one of the Infinity Stones/Jems, The Tessereact. This isn't a very difficult project, and is a great addition to anyone who enjoys building Avengers/Marvel props. So, lets jump right in!

Step 1: Step One: What You'll Need

You'll need the following:

Blue LED lights

Softball display case

frosting spray paint

Sand paper (400 grit, or anything "fine")

Wax paper

The case, paint and the lights are from Amazon. There are a ton of options for the lights, but these were $5 and it's 20 to the string. That was just too good to pass up, 20 lights glowing at the same time is VERY bright.

Step 2: Step Two: Get Rid of That Shine

You'll want to wet sand the softball case, inside and out. Just wet the sand paper and go to work. You don't have to dig in real deep, you just want that shine/clearness gone. Sanding the cube also helps the frost really hold onto the cube. Once you sanded the inside and out of the case, wash it by hand to get any remaining dirt/oils off it.

Step 3: Step Three: Frost

Once your cube dries, it's time to paint. Now, don't be heavy handed with the paint, cause you don't want it to run. I laid three light coats of the frost, each coat only five minutes apart. This stuff dries FAST, so the painting part of this project will be over soon. Once you lay down your final coat, let your cube sit for about 30 minutes. It dries to the touch in about 10 minutes, but I waited 30 to be sure.

Step 4: Step Four:

While your waiting for the frost to dry, you can prep your lights. As I said earlier, you can go a few different ways with the lights. You could get a single LED light (as shown in the Jennifer Wicks YouTube video) or you can do what I did. As stated earlier, I opted for the 20 string LED's. I used some of the wax and balled it up into a small ball. I then wrapped the LED's around the ball, and wrapped everything in a wad of wax paper to help give the lights a more glowing effect.

Step 5: Your Done!!

Once your lights are wrapped, lay it into the box and snap the sides down on he sides, and your all done! Again, this is a really simple and fun project that shouldn't take too long to complete. So go and build your own Tesseract, but don't go opening any portals, didn't end well for the last guy that did it.



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This is a cool idea!, I'm thinking about making one. Just one question first, did you frost the inside or the outside of the cube?

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Thank you! With the outside as well as the inside sanded, you only have to frost the outside of the cube. The sanding knocks a lot of the visibility down, the frost is the finishing touch.

Just search Amazon with: Blue LED lights, and the come right up

Hey Superman, I took a screenshot of the lights on Amazon. Hope that helps

15, 12:08 AM.jpg

Can someone please provide a link to the recommended LED lights to use please?

Just used the Dremel to add a little stint. Makes it a million times better! Great tip, thanks again!

That's a great idea dstavina! Now I have to go back and add this feature to mine, that's a really great job!

Thanks Gabriel! Funny you say that, it might just be my next project!!

Thanks Jon!

Thanks! This was a pretty quick one, but just as much fun as the more time consuming projects.

This is awesome! Good job as always :)