The Thinking Man in the Toilet




Introduction: The Thinking Man in the Toilet

About: i'm an industrial designer who believe in spreading the new technologies and options that this open-source world gives us! I like to design and to make and to challenge myself.

This project is a good way to practice working with ready STL files al combining them.
Its also good for first practice with Meshmixer

And the most important- its very cool and its kind of artistic!


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Step 1: Inserting a STL File Into the 123D Design

1. Find this ready STL on the internet and download it to your computer.

2. insertnig the STL to a new file in 123D design.

Step 2: Adding a STL File of Toilets

1. Again- use a ready file of toilets.

2. try to put the two files at the same position.

Step 3: Scaling the Modules

Step 4: Cutting Out Must of the Rock

1. Using the front and the side view, you can draw the shapes that you wanna cut out from the sculpture.

2. extrude those parts into 3D shape.

3. Subtract it from the STL file of the man sitting on the stone.

4. Try to "clean" the object as much as you can.

5. Press the Meshmixer icon and send the file to Meshmixer software.

Step 5: Inserting the File Into Meshmixer

Step 6: Smooth the Surface

Now use the brushes to "clean" the leftovers of the stone.

Step 7: Setting the Position

Insert the ready file back to 123D design and set the position.

Step 8: Printing the Model

1. Print this file in the size that you choose.

2. Find a cool place to put your new sculpture!


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