The Tokai Yashika Skate Robot.

Introduction: The Tokai Yashika Skate Robot.

Iv'e been fasinated by some of those guys making sculptures,
and other great stuff, from things other might throw away.
i used about 10 of the disposable lighters at month. and
desided to make some use of them.
I had no initial ideea what to make but simply started to break apart the lighters
to see what iv'e got, and there turned out to be roughly 15 parts to make a lighter.
i started gluing some of the caps together and found it to look like a robots head,
and i just build it on from there,
90% of the parts are from disposable lighters from tokai, the rest is from old clocks
earphones-hardrives and beercans.
well i enjoyed building it, it stands fine on itself, and being gentle i can bend the
joints to make different poses.
i hope u like it.

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