The Tomahawk a K'nex Assault Rifle

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A gun so good looking that it could be a fashion model (if guns could walk the runway)!

The tomahawk is a orange connector firing weapon that uses removable (non preloadable) magazines and a very reliable mech.

YouTube video link:


Range: 40-50 ft (9 bands)
Mag: 15 orange connectors (~20 white rods)


Very reliable
User friendly (large stock and trigger guard)
Good range and accuracy
Removable mags
Low friction ammo
Very tacticool (yes it is a word tactical+ cool= tacticool)
7 layers


Have to rock mags to remove (not straight out)
2 cut rods (in trigger)
A lot of tape
Not able to have pin guide because of stock
Non preloadable mags


Red Book Of Westmarch - inspiration on stock connection

Blue Mullet - inspiration from the SIG 552 (I stole your trigger from the SIG 552 while I was there)

Unknown - mag design

I might post instructions if anyone would like them!

Check out my YouTube channel at "jared bussard" to see when I upload a vid on this gun! Don't forget to subscribe!!



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    Thx! I'd love to see the picture! Be sure when building the magwell closest to the handle to put the black "Y" clips towards the bottom.

    dr. richtofen

    3 years ago

    The rear end looks pretty alrighty, but the front end is kind of... bleh. I'm also not a fan of all the rubberbands wrapped around it. I would've kept it a five layer gun, which would look cleaner.
    Are you re-inforcing the orange connectors you shoot with it? Otherwise, they will eventually break.
    Not your best gun, in my opinion. The rear end is pretty cool, but the rubberbands wrapped around the body, and the front end, drag the score down for me.
    Also, how did you manage to get a standard range of ~40 feet with 9 bands on the pin?
    No offence, but what did you do to make it lose so much power?

    1 reply

    I personally would rather see bands instead of a 5 layer gun! The orange connectors I shoot are reinforced with the "nubs" of cut rods in the end. The 9 bands I was talking are #117 B bands (like #117 bands but 2-3 times as long) they stretch the length of the gun and give a nice smooth pin pull at the expense of power per band. I think that this gun is my best yet and I had no problem with the front end. Either way thanks for commenting on my gun!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Well if I see proof then I'll judge, until they knextremely stupid is a better gun builder :)


    Yes actually....don't ask how I know.... If you want to build it I do have instructions up!