The Tormenter II a Knex Turret Gun

Introduction: The Tormenter II a Knex Turret Gun

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First off sorry for not being active much. My excuse for this is I had to "study" for finals and I "might" have been grounded...

Finally here it is the tormenter II some features it has are as follows

Modified tr-8 turret
Awesome looking scope
26 round removable "mag" that is stored in the stock for a total ammo load of 34 rounds on gun
Comfy and sturdy stock (credit given)
Comfy handle
Looks amazing


Range 100 ft with finammo
Very accurate

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    Knextremely stupid
    Knextremely stupid

    5 years ago

    The term turret also refers to a device similar to the cylinder on a revolver on this gun it's the big round thing around the middle