The Tornado 480 Command V2




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This is my first ever: 16-shot, preload-every-shot, moderate range minigun!
It's one of my sweetest looking guns because it really looks like an actual minigun!
The only negative is that the reload system takes a very long time to well.. reload, duh!
The range is about 45 ft with good quality rubberbands that are double-folded.

Weight: 1.02 kg
Length: 71 cm

-16 shots
-pretty strong
-two handles
-awesome looks
-16 shots per 5 seconds

-the shooting top is a bit flimsy
-long reload time

You likey?
So go build it!

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Step 1: Parts List

-14 greys
-4 reds
-52 yellows
-35 blues
-116 whites
-158 greens + 16 greens

-65 oranges
-60 yellows
-84 grays
-5 light grays
-17 whites
-13 greens
-28 reds
-22 dark blues
-43 purples

-4 tan clips
-16 ball joint click-ins
-8 small gear wheels (the grey ones)
-16/20 gray spacers
-5 blue spacers

Other things needed:
-16 folded-up rubberbands

Got the pieces?
let's move on then, shall we?

Step 2: The Trigger Pusher Plus the Front Handle

This part is to pull the block trigger small guns, and to have a grip on the front.

Step 3: Bi-pod

This part is to help it stand stable when you put it down.

Step 4: Rear Handle

This part is to have a steady grip on the gun

Step 5: Front

This part is to hold the gatling part in place so it will not demolish itself by spinning without the support.

Step 6: The Engine and the Engine Support

This part is to hold the engine in place which lets the gatling part turn.

The engine comes with the Starburst Spinner set.

Step 7: The Gatling Part

This part is the spinning part which makes the small guns shoot.
pic 6-11: build the part 8 times.

Step 8: Assembly

The pictures speak for themselves...
if you have a problem, contact me on my orangeboard.

Step 9: Loading

pic 1: get the gun
pic 2: pull back the firing pin
pic 3: get a green rod
pic 4: insert at the front
pic 5: click it so it will not come out
pic 6: do this 15 more times


Step 10: You Are Done!!!

Well Well Well,
you have built yourself the Tornado 480 Command V2
Have fun with my knex gun!!!

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    8 years ago on Step 6

    Do you think i could use the grey motor on the knex rubberband machine gun???
    i mean the one that only says knex!

    3 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Step 6

    only motor i've have got...i've got time to waste i may do it anyway no offense,bruv.


    10 years ago on Step 7

    hoi ken je me nog van die knex motor viccie als je dit leest schrijf snel wat terug kun je ook een traditioneel motortje gebruiken zoals zo een met draad je weet wel en met rood gewoon zo standaard ding ik denk dat het ongeveer de zelfde afmetingen zijn

    10 replies

    I'm sorry, i thought i was talking to a fellow dutch person! But sure, i'll translate it: I think so, but i'm not sure. Thats all i said.

    J MoneymanSkreetsha

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 7

    lol, that's a lot of words for just sayin i think so, but im not sure.

    SkreetshaJ Moneyman

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 7

    Only three words, lol.
    You guys in England, Amewrica wherever, can't top the epic shortness difference in this:

    Same sentence, different language.

    In English:
    I would like to have some fish and chips please.

    In Dutch:
    Een patatje met vis, alstublieft.

    Five words less :O
    OH MY GAWD!!!1!!1!

    J MoneymanSkreetsha

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 7

    ...k... i'm from america BIZNITCH!!! (like the word? i got it from Dane Cooke! :D)