The Trick That Make Easy to My Pc Heat Free Without Using Stand.

Introduction: The Trick That Make Easy to My Pc Heat Free Without Using Stand.

this is very simple trick .but this makes my working experience better on the pc.

when i use stand for my pc them it gets heted afted two three i think what can i do beside that???

then a bigest idea comes in my mind that solve my problem for heat.

as if am going for tour and other place then it is not better to carry pc stand so it take lot of space and have also bulky

and basically i not like to carry my PC stand so i introduce a new technick.

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Step 1: Putting the Phone Horizontilly Below the Pc

i use my nokia phone . i put it horizontally as it can suppurt the PC and the provide large gap between PC and desk so air can pass through it and make it cool heat free.

now you can use it any where outside from from your house.

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    3 years ago

    Super simple! I love these kinds of fixes.