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Here is the survival kit that they use in the army. I dont have all of the gear, so I will show you the pages from the us army survival book.

Step 1: What to Do

So here is what the army uses

Go here (too much to type)

Read next step for my personal survival kit That I personally made.

Step 2: My Personal Survival Kit

Ok, I realized that a survival kit isn't practical so I only carry 2 things, and my skills.

What do I carry you ask?

Pocket knife
Survival skillz
(you can get the firesteel and knife all in one like the pic, I just lost the knife so I now just carry separate tools)

I used to carry the same knife in the pic, but I dropped it while fishing. It is now at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.



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    5 years ago

    The link was taken directly from United States military survival guide FM 21-76


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Fire, knives, and intellect is how mankind got to where it is today. A good survivalist needs those items at a minimum. Too many survival kits have rubberbands and paperclips but no knife.

    I recently uploaded my Altoids Survival Kit. Lemme know what ya think.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    My question is what tins like altoid are safe to heat water in and which tins are not because of toxic leaching? I bought some cute tins around xmas time to make survival kits the tin color is goldish and I just don't know if it would be safe to heat water in them to drink. Can any one tell me how to tell which are okay and why some are not okay to drink from? With much appreciation, Laurie

    2 replies

    Honestly, I think the least of your worries when you are trying to survive is chemical leaching. If you need water and the only way to make it consumable is in an altoids tin, then you have no choice. On another note, if you include water purification tablets, you won't have to worry about boiling the water. I don't know if there are any similar containers out there to cook in that are safe. Good luck in your search!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Lol, not trying to be immature, but why would you use a condom for water storage? I really think that condoms might be too tempting to people, and wouldn't there be something else?

    3 replies

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I would think a gallon ziploc freezer bag would be better suited for portable water storage - not to mention much more durable. Condoms break easily, and won't hold nearly as much water as a gallon ziploc would.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Condoms (NOT the lubricated one!) are really nice for water storage!

    General D3

    9 years ago on Step 2

    folding blades are fine, you just need a really good locking system. my lock on my knife broke, so i got a new knife. a cadet swiss army knife.

    10 replies

    I'm a woman and not as strong in my hands, (arthritis).  I love the idea of the safety of a strong lock, but the last one I had I had to take back since it was to strong for me to work the lock.  I'm thinking of a non folding one in a sheath but I want a sharp one like my paring knife.  Should I just make a sheath for my paring knife or wouldn't it be a good knife for survival?

    well, a paring knife is kind of flimsy, if it is a good grade metal, and it is not serrated then go for it. In my oppinion i would just go out and get a nice ka-bar i have three that I take with me into the woods and camping (Knife 1, Knife 2, Knife 3, which i keep hidden) i find that these all really help. Like I said before, If your paring knife isn't flimsy, and is made of good metal with no serrations, then go for it.

    wow that last knife would be hard to use I would think.  How do you hold that?  do you have to be trained to use it?

    no actually that knife is used as a last ditch self defense knife, but i had other purposes. it works great for those small jobs that you dont feel like taking the big knife out for, or when your in a sticky situation where you cant get to the regular knife. You hold the knife like a regular knife, look it up on youtube. its a great knife for a small price.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    If you need a knife for survival I recommend the bear grylls ultimate knife.
    It's a very sturdy and sharp blade and it has a field sharpener and a flint that works really well. Best of all it folds and has a simple piece of Velcro to help keep it in the sheath and oce you've un done its a simple clip.


    Reply 7 years ago on Step 2

    you may want to look at some of the CRKT knives, they are liner locks and several models have a secondary lock switch. I have a couple and they are really solid. They also can be disassembled for cleaning.


    Reply 7 years ago on Step 2

    You should look up leatherman They have a great line of quality products such as multitools and flick blades I have the leatherman wave and love it it has one hand opening system which is really easy to use.

    sandwitch, sorry to hear about your lost knife. I've only lost one knife I really cared about. Then a friend advised me to get a bungee type lanyard and put it on with my knife. Haven't lost one since. Also, I served in the military a long time, and taught survival, I believe I do have a substantial set of skills. Even at that, I would not be so bold as to head out equipped as you suggested, with "with 2 things and my skills". That's a short trip to a scary ending.