The Truth Behind Cicada 3301 Mystery ??



Cicada 3301, where internet is such a mystery.

A large computer engineers and hackers could not resolve this. This was shown by a company as jobs add.

This mystery ad was published on January 2012 for the first time. Later,
in 2013 and again in 2014, it was published on interne on the same date. January this year, once again this ad was a topic of discussion in the Internet community.

Many people claimed to solve the most complex mystery over three years.
However, neither those people were identified nor Cicada 3301 individual or entities from behind their claims have emerged. But the news was spread in 2012 that individuals who were successful in solving this mystery. They were sent mail. In which the questions were related to personality and qualification. The verification of the accuracy of this information could not be done.

Erickson said those who made Cicada 3301 were an extraordinary intelligence work. But the situation got complicated after that.

Read the full story of Erickson (A Swedish Hacker and IT expert) who claims that he know the exact secret behind "Cicada 3301".



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