The Tune Tube!




Introduction: The Tune Tube!

Have you ever wondered, hey! I want to take this party with me? Well this is the place to be, I'll show you how to build a cool tube of music for cheap! and the party will never stop, mhmmm

Step 1: Get Materials

Alright, so you're going to need a few items;

  >Speakers (mine are 4 ohm a pop) i got them from Walmart for like 10 bucks (Merkury speakers).
 > A dremel (i had to use scissors).
 >A sharp knife (box cutter or scissors will work).
 >Philips head screwdriver (don't get an andrew one, they don't work).
 >A tube to put that stuff into son!
    - Mine was a ups ground tube i got after I ordered some posters.
 >A glue gun.

Step 2: Take That Thing Apart

Now look on the back of the speakers and there should be four screws, get your trusty screwdriver out and start twistin' those suckers out. Once you get those out slide the back piece down the wire. There should be a bracket held on with two screws take those out and lift the bracket off. Now carefully wiggle and free that speaker out of its cage. Do this to the other speaker as well. What you should end up with is two speakers with two back pieces stuck on the wire.

Step 3: Get to Cuttin'!

Alright I'm glad to see you've stuck with me and gone this far, now you need to get that darn back piece off the wire. There are a couple ways of doing this, i just used scissors to get it off, but a dremel would work much better. once you got both those off we now need to construct the border piece. Remember that front piece you took the speaker out of? Good, grab that and cut around the top to form a circle to place around the speaker. When you are cutting it don't cut off the screw holes we are going to need those, mkay?

Repeat to other speaker, we don't want to make him feel lonely =(

Step 4: Start Assemblin

Now get that tube out and it's time to start hackin' away at it. I made the length around 6 inches but you may choose that based on your speakers or preference. I then cut a little door so i can access all my goodies. i made this about 1.5 inches from the edge of each side and made it about 2.5 inches wide. I then taped the outside and the inside of the door with scotch tape to make a nice hinge. If you've got any magnets laying around you could glue those suckers on the door to keep it closed. After cutting all of that (p.s. don't use scissors on the thick cardboard you'll never cut it, don't do the same thing I did, whoops) grab your speaker assembly and start feeding one speaker through the tube and then pull the wire through your cool little door.

Now it's time to place these bad boys in the tube, first dry fit, if they don't fit right away, no worries, just cut some of the plastic off or you could trim off part of the inside of the tube where its getting stuck.

Step 5: Sexify You're Tube

Now that the speakers are in, grab some hot glue from your trustee glue gun and glue them in, make sure they won't fall out.

After you glue em' in your can, color your tube, i decided to go with the classy all black look, well actually it was just because i had a bunch of black sharpies layin' around.

You're finished, go enjoy you're awesome new master piece, show it off, be proud!

So you're sayin', whatcha' talkin' bout' Anthony that ain't nearly as loud as i want it to be! SHABAM, get an amplifier and power that thing to eleven mane!

Step 6: Let's Make It Go to Eleven

I ordered the amplifier from here, but it requires some basic soldering skills also you need a source of 4-12v.

Look at the pictures for some bonus info. Yeah free stuff!

After assembling the amplifier I fit everything in the tube and now I've got a cool rolling music makin' machine!

The sound may not sound very good, but it sounds better in person than off of my phone.

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