The "U" Paper Glider

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This is an extremely easy to make paper glider and it flies very well. Heres how you make it

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Step 1: Big Hamburger

first off get a regular piece of computer paper and put it on a flat surface.

now take the top and fold it to the bottom, or "hamburger" style.

then unfold it.

Step 2: Multiple Hamburgers

You shold then fold the top down to the middle fold like the picture shows.

do this again, and then once more to get to the third picture.

now fold this "bump" over the original middle line, so it looks like the fourth picture.

Make sure you flatten the paper with a pencil or something like it between each fold.

Step 3: Curving the Bump

Now take the "bump" and roll it over your finger. make sure you dont roll it too tight or it will turn out funny.

lightly flatten it and then do this to the other side.

you should modify the rolling until it looks something like the second picture.

Step 4: Throwing It

You dont throw this glider the way you would throw other paper airplanes. you throw this one like a football. dont throw it too hard or it will smash into the ground. it can crash multiple times and not get messed up. look for my other instructables coming soon!

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    5 Discussions


    6 years ago on Step 4

    cool, I just kinda drop it from high. I had to cut the back end a little shrot, because the glider was stalling all the time


    8 years ago on Step 4

    good one!!!!!!!!!
    it flies really well


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    well, i neaver learned real oragami terms but i am familiar with the basics, valley, mountain, kite, but i tend to refer to more universal childrens terms, cuz im a children. hamburger being from the 8.5 in. to 8.5 in. side, and hot dog from the 11 in. sides


    9 years ago on Introduction

    dont be mean, this was my first instructable, but all feedback is welcome. i got this off of anoher instructable but it was hard to understand so i made this one. look out for my next instructables like the bow and arrow, the paper claw, and the 8 sided ninja star.