The Uber Cool Ultimate DJ Party Lamp...




Introduction: The Uber Cool Ultimate DJ Party Lamp...

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Hello Dear Partymakers,

A few days ago we were wondering what to do with a old glass rod that our father had in his old room heater and gave it to us...

After a few hours we made a plan for a Uber Cool Ultimate DJ Party Lamp and a projection system ...

This time we thought of targeting the let's party challenge and on a budget contest...

This system doesn't use a microcontroller therefore it is easy to make this and also it is cheap as this mainly constitutes of recycled objects...

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So, here is a whole guide to make your party interesting...and of course cheap...

Step 1: Concept and Features...


We have made this step to give you brief idea about what we are going to make...
We have made this lamp as we have our mom's birthday this month and we want to arrange a small,cheap and nice party for her...
Here's the original plan what we discussed earlier-
We wanted to make a lamp that projects light overhead like a overhead projector and throws sound like a good amplifier system...
and can be used as night lamp and yet it is portable...
It should have multiple compatibility and could connect 1 or 2 speakers...
So we made a plan for the lamp you could see it in images...
We used a Tip31 transistor for sound reactivity..
We also used 4 rgb cycling flashing leds for Projections..
We used a 12 v adapter to power it but you can use any battery...

  1. Energy Efficient
  2. Can Be Used Alone For Party With Just A Phone With A DJ App like Edjing
  3. Beautiful Projection
  4. In Budget
  5. Space Saving Design
  6. Can Connect One or Two Speakers but you can connect more
  7. Intelligent Circuit
  8. Uses Minimal Components...

Lamp Design-

The lamp comprises of three parts...

First the glass rod with blue led strip...

Second the party bulb with the Projection system...

And third the container that comprises of jacks and holders...

We had put all our circuits in the last compartment the container..

The design is such that it is space saving and portable...

The container is at the bottom,then there is the Projection system and above a glass rod with integrated blue led strip....

Step 2: Calculations and Formulas

Now you will ask calculations for what???
We need calculations to calculate the number of leds to be used,how to connect them and how much resistance to be used...
Here are some formulas we did for finding answers to these questions...

For finding Number of Leds To Be Used-


1 led needs 6v

12v/6v=2 Leds

So we connect 2 leds in series...

But it was dim..

So we connected other 2 leds in series and then connect the above leds and below leds parallely...

Now for the resistance-

As you know that most adapters give more than 12v after being written 12v on it..

So we thought that more than 6v would damage leds

So we connected a 100k pot to the group of leds in series..

And then we supplied them power..

Then we conclude that we need to give them resistance between 50-57K ohm...

And one more important thing its an open hardware so you can do as much experiments as you can...

Step 3: Go Gather Stuff...

You need a phone/apple device/android device/pc/anything that plays music...and

Here is a list of materials you need to buy to Start with this project...

A TIP31 Transistor


A 30 cm blue led strip


4 RGB Cyclic Flashing LEDs


A 12 v Adapter(With both male and female jacks)


A 3.5mm audio jack (male)


A 3.5mm Audio Jack Splitter (See Images)


A portable Speaker(As many as you want but remember the number of 3.5mm audio jack holders should be one more than the speakers)


A container like a small bucket(Probably from an old Maggi Cup)


A Glass Rod (If diffused than better..Probably from an old room heater like us...)


A party bulb


Want to buy materials at your home try this store locator...

Tools Needed-

  • Soldering Iron
  • Leatherman Tool
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Drilling Machine
  • Rotary Tool
  • Multimeter

Step 4: What Is TIP31 Transistor???

Here is a full description of the TIP31-

A TIP31 is a standard type of NPN bipolar junction transistor used for medium power applications. A TIP31 is complementary to a TIP32 PNP bipolar transistor. TIP31 transistors are designated as TIP31A, TIP31B, TIP31 to indicate increasing collector-base and collector-emitter breakdown voltage ratings. The TIP31 is packaged in a TO-220 case. TIP stands for Texas Instruments (Plastic) Power transistor. 31 is an arbitrary identifier. The series was listed in a December 1968 data sheet from Texas Instruments.

The TIP31 Transistor has a power dissipation of 40W.

  • Mfr.#:TIP31
  • Case Type: TO-220
  • V(CE): 1.2
  • V(BE): 1.8
  • I(C) Max:3.0A

Want more information try this search...


Search Google

Step 5: Preparing the Body...

Now Let's first start by making the of this lamp. First take the container and remove it's plastic cover. Now cut it 1.5 inches from the bottom. Now take the upper part and keep aside the lower part, You don't need it. Drill five holes of nearly same size that is 5 mm diameter,three for the splitter,one for the auxiliary cable and another for power adapter port. Now fix the splitter as shown in pictures and also fix the adapter's female port to it's respective hole. Now keep this assembly aside.

And take the party bulb.Open the Party Bulb by opening it's top screw and desolder the fitted LEDs. You can use these LEDs in this awesome torch. Now take out the motor assembly and the ac to dc transforming circuit. You can use this motor in this awesome Phone charger made by our school friend.

Now we just need the plastic casing and the reflector.

Now join the glass rod with the Led strip in it to the reflector with hot glue.Seal it's other side also (See images).

Note-Don't forget to take out the wires of the led strip from the screw hole at the top of the reflector.

Now let's move to the next step....

Step 6: Preparing the Circuit...

We have to make two circuits,one for the sound reactive LEDs and one for the RGB LEDs.

First Circuit-

So first concentrate on the first circuit. This is a circuit for sound reactive LEDs.

On the perfboard fit the TIP31 and solder it.Then connect its left end to the left or right channel from the auxiliary / 3.5mm audio cable.You may need to use Leatherman tool for cutting the Auxiliary cable to put out it's wire which are the left and the right channel wires and the ground wire.Connect the middle end of the transistor to the negative of the Led strip. And then connect the right end of the transistor to the ground from the auxiliary cable. Now solder the connections and join extra wires at the Positive of the Led strip and also at the right end of the transistor.

These are the positive and negative of the circuit respectively which are to be connected to the adapter, later on. Now leave it aside.

Second Circuit-

And let's make the second circuit.

Now take two RGB Leds and connect them in series that means the negative of one Led is connected to the positive of the other.

Now keep them aside and follow the above steps for two more RGB Leds. Then solder both the circuit of RGB Leds parallely that means that positive of one series is connected to the positive of the other series and vice-versa.

Now join extra wires to both the solderings where you have connected them parallely. Now these are the positive and the negative of the circuit and each Led will get 6v as discussed earlier in the Calculations step.

Connecting the circuits-

Now take and connect the first circuit to the second circuit parallely and join them with the adapter's female port. Now connect the adapter to the mains and check that everything is working alright or not.If yes,Please browse to the next step or if not, please read further.


If your circuit is not working please follow these steps-

  • Check for any loose or broken wires.
  • Ensure that everything is soldered perfectly.
  • Make sure that no soldering is touching each other.
  • Please connect any device to the auxiliary cable or just hold it in hand touching all the three sections of the jack together.
  • Note that all the LEDs are working.
  • Check the power supply for any defects

We hope that your circuit may work now if not please comment us your problem.

You can download etchable PDF for all circuits below.

Step 7: Assembling and Finishing Touches

Now connect the circuit to the splitter and the female adapter port to the body. Now insert the RGB LEDs in the center of the plastic casing of the party bulb.

Now join the reflector with the glass rod to the plastic body/casing of the party bulb with hot glue.

Now put the TIP31 circuit in the container and assemble it at the bottom of the plastic body/casing of the party bulb (See Images).

Now your Uber Cool Ultimate DJ Party Lamp is ready.

Check that everything is working and then seal everything with hot glue.

Now take your device and download any one app from the links given below-

We are using Edjing for Android.

Now to start the Lamp first connect the auxiliary cable from the sound reactive LEDs to female port from the splitter.

Then connect the other female port to a speaker. Now connect the Power adapter and at last connect your device to the splitter.

Watch the video here or above for more detailed instructions.

Step 8: Ready to Dazzle Up the Party..

Watch the Videos above To get Some Extra Information Or Ask In Comments

Thank You For watching This Ible...

Please Vote,Comment And Follow...

We hope a nice day for you...


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    DIY Maker
    DIY Maker

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Truly awesome and cool ible...

    This ible is so easy and well descriptive...

    Every step is fully described and each step is with extra links...

    And the most important thing is that it looks just Awesome...We loved the projections that it showed on the ceilings of the room...

    And you have done a great job on the images...Very well Edited images

    Just the perfect number of steps have been written...The final product is very nice and just amazing...

    Thanks For Sharing this ible.....

    And as pc1975 said This is UBER Cool