The Ultamate Halo 3 Instructable

Introduction: The Ultamate Halo 3 Instructable

welcome to The Ultamate Halo 3 Instructable its DIY and Stuff and i have 5 project from the very famous XBOX 360 hit HALO 3 

The Halo 3 Battle rifle (next step)

The SMG (at 5)

The Magnum (at 9)

The energy sword (at 14)

I hope you like ths and dont forget to vote for me

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Step 1: Step 1: the BR

Lets start things of with a headshot with the trusty halo 3 battle rifle

what you will need is


pvc any width
pvc joints to fit the pvc
a lot of electrical tape
a sprite zero bottle
the cap to the sprite zero bottle
a screw
packageing tape 
and cardboad


a hacksaw
a drill
a clamp
and a razor blade

Step 2: Step 2: Put the Pvc Together

now get your pvc and cut it into 13 pices
x1 1inch
x1 11/2 inch
x1 2 inch
x4 4 inch
x3 5 inch
x2 7 1/2 inch
x2 9 inch
and use your
x7 90 elbos
x1 t brackets
x1 conector
x2 45 elbos
and conect the pvc shown

Step 3: Step 3: the Scope

now its time for the scope first you  take onr of your 4 inches and your 1 inche and a t elbo and conect them to the long pieces (twss)
 and now take your sprite zero bottle and cut the top off and figure it as much as you like until its perfect for you but before we put it togther you might want to use a grinder to get a better fit on the pvc but you dont have to but all you have to do is drill a hole into the middle of the cap t elbo and the top of the gun shown 

Step 4: Step 4: the Tape

now you need to get card board and cut in the shpe of a gun handle and tape it to the bottom so its confterbale like shown and cover it all in electrcal tape then, use cardboard to make the rail in the front top of the gun
cover that and then tape it on, now use some excess pvc and tape it on the bottom of the barrle and you done

now if you do this project please leave your pics below in a comment i want to see how you guys did as well and i wilkl try to bu up every week with answers on comments and every 2 weeks with an instructable now on to the smg

(Ps. to see the final product by itself go th the second to last page) 

Step 5: Step 1: the SMG

One of the fastest and one of my favorite guns The SMG


electrical tape
and cutting utensiles

Step 6: Step 2: Draw & Cut

first you draw out your smg and cut it out twice, theres really not much to say about it

Step 7: Step 3: Layers

now what i did is i took 3 more pieces of cardboard and cut them so they give the gun demention but if you like hard work you can just cut out 3 more layers(3 layers to fit the pvc it varrys from different thickness of pvc) so layer it out like shown

for less trouble you might want to tape the pieces to the outer layer then tape the other layer on top

Step 8: Step 4: Tape It Up

now you just cover it all in electrical tape

for the barrle i really culdent find a way to put it on the gun so i just taped it on

now you are done

dont forget to post you work in the comments

now lets shoot em up with the magnum

Step 9: Step 1: the Magnum

The Halo Magnum sucked in Halo 3 but is a boss in ODST


gray duct tape
piece of plastic
and more cutting utencils

first i needed to get a feel for the shape so i got a pic offline but you dont need one

Step 10: Step 2: Cut

now cut two pieces without the magazine and those will be your outer pieces

now cut 2 more still no magasine but the front of the gun shorter like shown

now cut a rectangle in the handle on both smaller guns and tape them together

Step 11: Step 3: Tape It Up

now you take the two inner pieces and the outer pieces and tape them up ande cover all ofit in duct tape until the tip then for the tip you put the small piece of plastic at the top area of the gun for the barrle

Step 12: Step 4: Insert the Magasine

now add the magazine in the bottom of the gun and your done

dont forget to ad your pics in the comments

now for the ****** *****

Step 13: TheUhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

this w as one of my many mistakes so just skp this step

Step 14: Step 2: the Real Thing

Its the energy sword and this is the final project it is the shortest project so what you need is

More crdboard
more cutting utencils for the cardboard
x2 90 elbo
x1 t elbo
metalc, electrical, and regualr scoch tape
and two short pices of pvc

tools a drill and a hack saw

Step 15: Step 3: Draw the Sword

first you use a sharpie to draw the sword around the pvc and make sure its 2 layers thick but dont attach the pvc yet then cover the blades in metalic tape

Step 16: Step 3: the Drill

now draw lines on the 90 elbos like show drill a hole in the part show and saw out the rest on both pieces 

Step 17: Step 4: the Fanale

now you isert the pvc into the elbos and tape up the pvc to make it stay and then insert the cardboard and sucure it and you are done

Step 18: The Br and Smg

Step 19: Now You Are Done

now you can just hold them and say i got a halo 3 prop or make videos speaking of videos i am working on 3 trailors for mini movies and i want you the veiwers to pick the video in might be in a couple weeks but the video will be picked by you guys thanks for veiwing and dont forget to vote for me in the game life challenge challenge

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    7 years ago on Step 12


    DIY and STUFF

    thankyou i had a limit of supplies and money i would have likes to use cardboard and the frame then the tape would have been alot nicer or even spray paint thanks for the positive feedback


    8 years ago on Introduction

    wow if i used fiberglass insted of tape it would be nice but wow good job