The Ultimate Bedroom/Man Cave

Introduction: The Ultimate Bedroom/Man Cave

About: Hey, I'm Steven. I'm 16, living in Upstate NY. Currently I am interested in engineering, architecture, science (especially environmental), music, woodworking-Pretty much anything cool or shiny.

This, in my opinion, would be the best bedroom or man cave. This is also my first attempt at using Google Sketchup. It measures 30 feet wide, and 50 feet long, total. Included in this room is a bed, a sloping roof, a fish tank, a radio with built-in music stand and metronome, a bench press, a loft with storage on top reachable by means of a staircase with built in bookcase and charging station. Underneath the loft is a workplace. The walls have arched windows, with a remote by the doorway controlling curtains to dim the windows for privacy. I originally made this for a contest, and keep it up now so that others may be able to find mistakes in this and learn from it, or point them out so I can learn. Thanks for viewing! 

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