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Introduction: The Ultimate Feather Board

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I was looking for my feather board when I realised that it was put in the scrap-bin and taken it down to the recycling centre.

I have made a new one and this time I've painted it bright red so hopefully it wan't get dumped.

Step 1: Marking Out and Cutting

I used 18mm marine plywood to make the board.

I cut it at 30 degrees and marked at 70 mm for the feather cuts

Step 2: Cutting the Feathers ( Not Sure If That the Correct Terminology )

I made a T square out of a piece of scrap wood as a fence to speed things up and I gapped it by eye ( this operation didn't need to be super accurate )

I drilled 2 holes per side of the board to give me a lead in for routing the adjustable slots .

Step 3: Making the Screw Down Knobs

I made the screw down knobs and I have put a link to my youtube video, the only difference is that the knobs on these that they have the T nuts inserted in the top instead of bolts.

Step 4: Modifying the Coach Bolt

My saw has a two slots in the sides of the mitre channel I modified two 8mm coach bolts to slide along the groove by grinding the dome of and removing 1 mm from the head diameter

Step 5: Screwing the Feather Board on the Saw and Adjusting for Cut

I slid the coach bolts into the grooves and screwed the board down and adjusted to make the cut.

I am happy to try and answer any question you may have.

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Check out the full video for a more comprehensive view of the build .

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Hey Marcello B.

    Please for the sake of your safety do not wear long sleeve garments, rings, gloves, or watches, while operating power tools. These are basic shop safety rules. I urge you to follow these rules.Safety is job #1. Great Ible by he way!

    marcello bianchi
    marcello bianchi

    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi Dontno, Thanks for the feedback,
    yes your quite right keeping shop safety in mind. i have seen some horror videos. But I never wear loose fitting garments all my workwear has tight fitting cuff that i wear this time of year, the glove are safety gloves which are basic industry requirement PPE along with safety specs and dust masks.


    4 years ago

    Painting it red is a a brilliant idea, I can never find mine.

    I found that using hardwood makes for a stronger feather board than ply, all the grain is in the right direction.

    Mine are made out of beech - I have a lot of recycled beech which came at the right price - free!

    marcello bianchi
    marcello bianchi

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks for your comments, I make mine from whatever is available but the beech sound good, will have to give it a go.