The Ultimate Jell-O Shooter Shooter




It's more than just mixing booze and Jell-O. A lot is in the small technical details and of course the presentation.

Step 1: Background

Let's talk Jell-O-O shooters. Some people think that it is just mixing booze into the Jell-O mix. There is a lot more to be for sure.

First, forget any shooters a bar would sell. They are practically booze-free. They are simply not served fresh enough. Time will allow the booze to evaporate. Any open face container will also accelerate evaporation. Ever had a Jell-O-O shooter that just tasted too much Jell-O and not enough shooter? Now you know why. You probably overpaid as well.

A Jell-O shooter must by its very nature be home made and made from real Jell-O. 'Nuff said.

(this picture demonstrates the mistake that many amateurs make - never Jell-O before water)

Step 2: Presentation Is the Key to Class

Be everything you can be at the party, a sure hit.

I managed to get some veterinary 50ml syringes from a farm co-op, for $2 each. No sharp needle needed of course. Basically you'll package the Jell-O shooters in a self contained, clean, no mess package. As well, because there is very limited air exposure these bad-boys give a 2 oz kick you'll taste.

Step 3: Stuff You'll Require

8-10 50ml vet syringes.
Jell-O packets
1 cup Quality Vodka, Smirnoff Red
Glass mixing bowl
Glass measuring cup
Metal spoon

Step 4: Modifying the Syringes

The hole in the end of a Luer-Lok syringe (the kind a needle twist locks on) is too small to get the set Jell-O through.

Drill out the end to make a larger hole in each syringe.

Step 5: Readying for Jell-O

You need to know to always work with heat on your side so you won't set uneven. If Jell-O sets uneven then you can still eat it in a bowl. But, don't expect to get it out of a syringe easily.

A note on flavors. It's much personal preference of course, but some flavors just do not taste right as a shooter. Never use the diet stuff as it tastes like slurping chemicals, sorry Jell-O. Some of the best flavors are raspberry, strawberry, lime, and that light blue berry one is always a hit.

Stack your mixing bowl, measuring cup and spoon as shown and run hot water till every thing is steaming hot.

Meanwhile use the kettle to cook the water to a rapid boiling.

Measure and pour 1 cup of boiling water into the heated mixing bowl. By preheating the measuring cup and bowl the water remains hot for better dissolving of Jell-O.

Step 6: Making the Jell-O

Constantly stir the water while slowly adding the powder. Mix until there is even color throughout the surfaces. The spoon will show if there is partially set Jell-O to keep mixing and so will the bottom of the glass bowl.

Step 7: Add the Vodka

Add a full cup of Vodka; Smirnoff is best (I heard it has least amount of sugar content of the boozes).

Stir the whole while for a good mix.

Step 8: Filling the Syringes

The 50ml syringes are large enough to require some heave pulling to fill. Pre-wetting with hot water will often help with this.

The trick is that you need to pull hard and ease off if the pull becomes easier and the filling kicks in. Or if you slip.

After several uses you may need to wipe on tiny dab of good quality cooking oil (olive oil prevented the Jell-O from setting) to make the filling easier.

Step 9: Setting the Shooters

Bundle the syringes so they are easy to handle and can go into the fridge to set for 6 to 8 hours.

Step 10: Clean Up

Remember to clean up everything with Hot water, including the counter. Guys, have a woman help with the clean up part, let's not spoil a good thing and let them know we can do that ourselves.

Step 11: No Bragging Required - These Speak for Themselves

You'll have no trouble convincing friends to try these Ultimate Jell-O Shooters. Especially when bars charge >$6 each for their boring ones.

Now, stand back and just look cool.

Note: Thanks Andrea, Moose and Marnie



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    15 Discussions


    6 years ago on Step 2

    thanks for the time an Happy new years


    7 years ago on Introduction

    The pictures look like you're doing the shots out side the E.R.


    7 years ago on Step 10

    "Guys, have a woman help with the clean up part, let's not spoil a good thing and let them know we can do that ourselves."

    Best advice EVER! Ought to go into a repository of memorable quotes.

    absolute zero

    10 years ago on Introduction

    hmmmmmm............i clicked this to find something that would shoot jello at people..........I THINK THIS WORKS TWO WAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    love the presentation. I'll be keeping my eyes out for some syringes.

    Looks like fun. The syringes would make great props for Halloween - especially if you dressed up as a doctor! The only downside would be making them in mass quantities. When I make Jell-O shots for our parties, I like to make enough for 30-50 people to each have four or five. That's a couple hundred syringes, and at two bucks a pop that's a lot of cash. I like to use those little plastic condiment cups with lids. No evaporation, and you can stack them easily in the fridge or toss them in a cooler (when they are set). But in small batches, these would certainly make a fun treat!

    1 reply

    11 years ago on Introduction

    I like the fact that the alcohol doesn't evaporate so you can make them well in advance. Hey AP, how bout orange jello and peach shnaps?

    2 replies

    Not too far, maybe for 2 reasons. First you don't want the Jello to get thick (I'm not sure it would) but most importantly there may not be any left by the time you want them;-) I see no real reason many mixed uncarbonated drinks shouldn't work.


    11 years ago on Step 11

    As a consumer of these "to die for shooters" I can vouch for their tastiness, and the ultimate kick they give. So articpenguin, when's the next Jell-O night?

    2 replies

    Reply 11 years ago on Step 11

    Seems I just have to whip up a double order next time. Maybe with big guys help we can work on a Maple Syrup Jell-O shooter?? Hmmm?