The Ultimate Lego Dune Buggy

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Here is a fun little car that you can build in under 10 minutes! It can be customized to seat 2 mini-figures as well.

Step 1: Get Parts.

Admittedly I really don't know what all these Lego elements are called so use the picture for a guide.

Step 2: Put Main Front Pieces Together.

Step 3: Install Headlight Mounting Pieces.

Step 4: Build the Chassis.

Step 5: Install the Chassis.

Step 6: Put on the Axle Pieces.

Step 7: Put on the Rear Cowling.

Step 8: Make the Tail Light and Exhaust Unit

Step 9: Install the Tail Light Unit.

Step 10: Put on the Spoiler Pieces.

Step 11: Make the Engine and Supercharger.

Step 12: Install the Engine Unit.

Step 13: Install the Front Axel.

Step 14: Mount the Headlights.

Step 15: Put on Underside Engine Detail.

Step 16: Snap on the Wheels and You Are Done! Have Fun!



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    4 years ago

    That's pretty cool. It kinda looks like an Indy car.