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Introduction: The Ultimate No-Bake Pi

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I wanted to be really creative for Pi Day. I was having the worst creative block until my awesome boyfriend said to make the pie in the shape of Pi. Perfect! 

I had to figure out how I was going to accomplish this and what I was going to fill it with. 

After a week of pondering, I figured out the perfect combination. I made the pie pan from scratch and filled it with the most addictive peanut butter Nutella no-bake cheesecake. Writing about it now makes me want some!

Step 1: Everything You'll Need

Pie Pan (Not Pictured):

1. Cardboard
2. Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
3. Scissors
4. Packing Tape

Pie Crust:

1. 36 crushed up Oreos
2. 9 tbsp melted butter

If you want to make this in a regular pie tin, you will most likely only need 24 Oreos and 6 tbsp melted butter. My tin was huge!

Pie Filling:

1. 8 oz softened cream cheese
2. 1/3 cup peanut butter (any kind works; I used extra crunchy)
3. 1/3 cup Nutella (plus one big scoop; I couldn't help myself -- I couldn't get enough Nutella when I made this)
4. 1 tsp vanilla
5. 8 oz whipped cream (I didn't add sugar to mine because there was enough already in the recipe; you can add some if you'd like or you can also use Cool Whip)

Step 2: The Pan

I used cardboard for the base of my pan to give it more stability. I didn't have a single piece of cardboard that was big enough, hence the use of the packing tape. 

So, start by drawing the size Pi you want on the cardboard. I made mine on the bigger size, but it it needs to be small enough to fit in the fridge. Now cut the shape out. 

Once you have your base ready, wrap it in foil. Use heavy duty to give the sides of the tin more strength. Once the base is covered, start building the sides up. I took a piece of foil, secured it to the bottom on the base with tape, and folded it over on itself until I had the side to the height I wanted. Folding the foil in on itself also gives the sides more strength. Build the side of the tin all the way around the base. 

Now you have your awesome custom pie tin!

Step 3: The Crust

Throw the Oreos in a food processor and grind them to a fine crumb. If you don't have a food processor, place the cookies in a Ziploc bag and use a rolling pin or hammer to crush them. Throw them in a bowl and mix in the melted butter. 

Press the cookie butter mix into the bottom of the pan. Using the back of a spoons helps a lot. 

Step 4: The Filling

In a mixing bowl, place the cream cheese, peanut butter, and Nutella. Beat until well blended. 

In a separate bowl, whip up the whipping cream and vanilla. Fold into the Nutella mixture. Try not to eat it all before you put it in the pie crust!

Spread evenly in the crust. Chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Or you can pop it in the freezer for an hour. This allows the filling to firm up and hold its shape.  

Step 5: The Topping and the Eating

You can top the pie with basically anything. I used chocolate chips. I thought about using chopped up peanuts, but there were enough peanut pieces in the filling from the extra chunky peanut butter I used. Spread more whipped cream over the top too, especially if you have more space in the pie tin to fill. 

It is rich, but dangerously addictive. Great with a cup of coffee or a glass of milk. Enjoy!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This sounds super delicious, thank you for sharing. I would definitely have made it once upon a time, but now with a peanut and dairy allergic son, it makes it a bit harder :-)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Sorry to hear about your son. That must be tough. Maybe you can make this without the peanut butter. I'm not sure if they make a non dairy cool whip like product or cream cheese. That would mainly just leave you with a jar of nutella, which wouldn't be bad, actually!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Actually Cool Whip has little to no dairy in it :-) The Redi-Whip stuff in a can actually uses real cream.... They -do- make soy cream cheese, so maybe a nutella and soy cream cheese one wouldn't taste too bad. He wouldn't know the difference, at least :-D


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    If you try it let me know how it turns out. If I ever get around to making my own Nutella, I'd feel better giving some to my dad if it was made with soy cream cheese and sugar free Cool Whip. And he wants some.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, also: good luck on the contest!