The Ultimate Powerbank

Introduction: The Ultimate Powerbank

Hello everyone! This is my first instructable. Plz forgive me if I am doing anything wrong.

Today I am going to show how to make an Ultimate powerbank easily. Why is it ultimate? Because you can use it and charge it in any situation-wherever you are...

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Step 1: What Is It?

This is a powerbank which can be charged by various methods. So if you want to charge your mobiles,tablets,ipod,ipads,iphones : this can be very useful. You can charge the poerbank with AC,Solar and without AC or Solar... Shocked? Let's see...

Step 2: How to Use It???

This powerbank can be charged from AC or solar or hand crank. So,wherever you are,you can charge it and use it. Besides this, you can use it while charging. That means pass through charging is also supported.

How to make it?

Step 3: Parts Required:

1) A normal powerbank (2600 mAh) - there are many of this in every online store. you can get it easily at very low cost. I am from kolkata(india),here everyone can find this at chadni chawk at a price of 150-200 rupees.

2) A 6 volt 5 watt solar panel(3 watt panel will also be fine)- 300 rupees for 3 watt,450 rupees for 5 watt

3) A 12 volt 2 amp 100 rpm geared motor- 150 rupees

4) 1 3amp IN5408 diode-3 rupees

5) 1 1amp IN4007 diode-1 rupee

6) 1 2200 ufd/25 volt electrolytic capacitor- 6 rupees

7) 1 micro usb jack-you can cut it from any old charger

Step 4: Circuit Diagram:

This is the hand drawn circuit diagram...

Easy to make...

Step 5: How to Charge the Powerbank?

1) With ac adapter- connect the AC adapter to the AC wall socket and the micro USB pin to the powerbank. With an 1 amp charger,the powerbank will be fully charged in 2.5 hours

2) With solar panel- connect the 6 volt 3 watt solar panel with a diode and then with an micro usb male pin(you can cut it from an old charger). See the above picture. The red wire is positive and the white wire is negative. Then connect it to the charging pin of the powerbank. With a 3 watt Solar Panel,the powerbank will be fully charged in 6-7 hours and with 5 watt Panel,it will be fully charged in 4-5 hours.

3) Now it's the most interesting part-charging with the motor- At first I want to say that, the above saying motor is the most perfect motor to charge it. If you choose higher RPM motor,you have to rotate it more faster,if you choose slower one,you will have more difficulties to rotate that. 100 RPM 2 amp 12 v motor is the perfect one. When you rotate it at a comfortable speed (15-25 RPM),it will generate at about 6 volt 390-540 ma which is great to charge the powerbank. Connect the motor,capacitor and diode as the diagram and then connect it with the micro usb male pin. Then connect it to the powerbank. It will be fully charge in 5 hours. But continuous 5 hours of rotating the motor is impossible. It's just for emergency. With a rotation of 15 minutes the powerbank will be sufficiently charged to give power of 9-10 minutes to your smartphone. Which is awesome in emergency or in outdoors.

Step 6: Finally You Are Done

You can make a handle and shaft to rotate the motor or use the above thing that I am using. This is used to bind books etc. Pass its needle to into the small hole of the motor shaft and start rotating

Step 7: Some Special Tips

The 2600 mah powerbank can be upgraded to a higher capacity powerbank. Collect the old 18650 cells from a laptop battery and connect that with the internal battery of the powerbank in parallel connection. Then tape them together. The capacity will increase. I have made one and using it for last 6-7 months. It is almost 4000 mah.

The internal battery of these cheap powerbanks is not so good. I will advice to replace it with a 18650 cell.

When you charge the powerbank,a red light will glow. When it will be fully charged, the red light will be turned into blue or green light.

Thanks for reading.

Step 8: Video Link

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