The Ultimate School Notebook

Introduction: The Ultimate School Notebook

In my school, we have to have a book, notebook, and folder for all of my 12 classes.  I was sick of it, so i decided to make one of these notebooks.  They`re easy to make and maintain, and all contents are up to date (Unlike normal 60 page notebooks, where you have everything in there all year, you can just throw these out when they are full and get another.)

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Step 1: Gather Materials

This is kind of obvious, but here`s what you need to make this:
1 160+ notebook
1 Different colored marker for every subject (i have 11, minus gym)

Step 2: Color Code It

Obviously, you should separate the page into equal segments for each subject, it doesnt matter which.   My girlfriend did the same thing with only shades of red, her favorite color ; ).

Step 3: Table of Contents

Take out the ruler and mark the lines, just like in the picture.  It goes,
Subject(2 letter codes e.g. EN, MU, CH, MA)/Page/Description/Date

Step 4: Use

Its really really easy to use, I promise.  At the the beginning of the class, just write the title and page number on the page, and then write the same info in the Contents when you`re done.  DO NOT record it in the contents before the class is over, unless you are sure that it wont be taken out.  It will be very annoying to you if later, you look something in the contents and that page and page number dont exist

Step 5: Done!

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