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Survival tools have been made for centuries. Knives, paracord bracelets, and instant dinners all fall under this category. Sometimes, though, we ignore what is plainly in front of us. In this case, the humble spoon.

The "ultimateness" of an object is not necessarily determined by the object itself, but, rather, by the user who wields the object. It is the same in this case. This survival tool, pounded from the dead remains of an old spoon, is a very useful object, but its usefulness depends on the imagination of the user. It can do many things which will be listed later in the Instructable.

Enjoy this instructable, and have fun making your survival tool from an old spoon!

Note: I want everyone to know that I don't believe this is the "make-all-end-all" tool. In fact, I use the word "ultimate" as a synonym for "awesome." I know that there are many good, interesting, and useful survival tools to enjoy here on Instructables, and I hope you also enjoy mine as an individual, unique survival tool!

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Step 1: Preparing the Spoon

Take an old spoon (not your wife's best china) and cut off all of the handle except 1" using a hacksaw. Using pliers, curl what's left of the handle into a enclosed circle/oval. Place the bowl of the spoon between two rags on a solid surface, and hit it with a hammer until it is flat. Hopefully the rags kept it from being scratched significantly, but if they didn't, you can use a metal polisher to shine it up again.

Step 2: Sharpening the Spoon

Using a metal file, grind down one edge of your flat spoon until it is reasonably sharp. This step is optional, and should not be done if the tool will be within reach of small children. Also, if this step is done, you must be sure to remember at all times that you have a sharp, dangerous knife hanging around your neck, and to act accordingly.

If you complete this step you can also sew a small leather holster for your survival tool. If you do post a picture and tell us how you did it!

Step 3: Adding the Neckstring

Cut a piece of leather about 2' long, run it through the hole in the spoon, and tie it off. If you don't have leather you can use yarn, shoestring, etc...

Alternate Method: You can use a 10" long string instead if you are going to make a bracelet.

Step 4: Possible Uses

As I said at the beginning, the only limit is your imagination. Other than science, that is.

  • Sun Reflector (morse code)
  • Digging Utensil
  • Wilderness Silverware (Knife, spoon)
  • Weapon (If held by the leather and swung hard.)
  • Knife/Carving tool
  • Prying tool
  • Maintaining Proper Wilderness Etiquette :-)
  • Many more

Thank you for reading my Instructable, and please comment and tell the Instructables community how you would, or have, use this tool!

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14 Discussions


3 years ago

"Sun Reflector (morse code)" You might be able to use one side of the spoon as a reflector+condenser, which can help light a fire too


4 years ago on Introduction

May I suggest a different, even simpler version of this amazing tool:

take a spoon, flatten/sharpen one side or not, and put it in one of the many pockets survivalists usually tend to equip themselves with. Thus, it will make a much more usefulle digging tool fx. for burying ones left-overs og digging a latrine. If you sharpen the handle into a point ,you'll have a much more versatile weapon too.

Just a thought ;-)


4 years ago

this is a great idea and the dog tag silencer idea from an earlier comment is just a good find.


4 years ago on Introduction

Thought provoking. I do agree that sharpening it makes it less utile, that said I love all the other ideas. A signal mirror is what I believe you are thinking about.


4 years ago

men I think the monkey fist is more useful


4 years ago

if it can be used as a knife I wouldn't use it as a spoon because the sharp edges may cut your mouth

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago

Very good point! That is why you sharpen one side of the spoon and eat off the other side. People don't tend to worry about things like that in emergencies, but it is still a good point. Thank you for commenting!


4 years ago on Introduction

I recommend using paracord (for even more uses), but nice 'ible for EDC. :-]

Vace Cooper

4 years ago

I do flat roofing... Think I will find many uses for this fine tool up there! Thanks man


4 years ago

very cool idea, a spoon is very strong by virtue of the way its made, hence very handy


4 years ago

Never overlook the simple yet obvious! Nice idea, I've already planned to raid the drawer for some older utensils; if none are found to be acceptable donors, Goodwill shall be the next stop. For the sharp edge, I plan to use dog tag silencers.