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Introduction: The Upcycled Dog Toy

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Here is a quick and easy idea for re-purposing your old clothing into some fun tug toys for your pooch.

Step 1: Shred Away...

Once you have some old clothing piled up, grab some scissors, they happen to be the only tool you will need for this instruct able. For the most part you can cut any which way you like, making sure that you are getting stips of decent length (for my toy I wanted to make sure to have at least 12-18"). However I recommend isolating and removing all of the seams and hem lines for increased durability of the finished product.

Step 2: Knot Three Strands Together

Tie the three strands of similar length together at one end. Secure the knotted end under a heavy piece of furniture (or clamp to a table if possible). As You can see, Maggie is already curious about her new toy.

Step 3: Proceed to Braid the Strands

I am not going to explain how to do a simple braid here, there are plenty of youtube videos that can help, should you find yourself struggling to figure it out. but make sure you tie a secure knot at the finished end and pull it all real tight.

Step 4: Your Pooch Will Take Over From Here

Maggie will now be giving lessons on how to play with the new toy!!!

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    What! I never considered trying something like this, I have so many old t-shirts laying around that could be put to better use! Thanks so much for this tutorial.

    1 reply

    This looks really good, my dog will surely love this!

    1 reply