The Steampunk Venus Flower (YASPP)




Introduction: The Steampunk Venus Flower (YASPP)

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Yet Another Steam Punk Project ;-)

A nice looking flower made from an old clock housing.

Step 1: Parts

You need:
  • Some artificial flowers
  • Some strange looking fruits and / or nuts. (e.g. a Lotus fruit)
  • Some neon bulbs (red or green)
  • Resistors for driving the neon bulbs with 115V (in this case 92KOhm)
  • An old clock housing
  • Some pieces of MDF

Step 2: Preparing the "Flowers"

Remove the resistor (if there ia one)
Solder cables to the neon bulbs and insulate them by shrinking hose.
Glue the flower to the neon bulb as shown in picture two.
Drill holes into the fruit, pull the wires through the holes and hide then inside the fruite.
Fasten the wires inside the fruite by using silicon glue.
Drill a hole through the nut. An pull the wires through this hole.
Glue the fruite to the nut.
I used stain to darken the flowers.
Arrange the flowers.
Paint the nut, the fruite and teh flowers with Shellack.

Step 3: The Stand

I used MDF to build the stand.
I screwed the brass holder to the stand an glued the nut onto the brass holder.

Step 4: The Cabling

The cabling inside is very easy.
I soldered the resistors back to the end of one wire.
Than all bulbs ar connected parallel to the mains.
I decided to have no switch, because the flower is controlled by a timer switch.

The timer will switch the lamp on for 4 times a hour for 2 minutes.

Have fun!

Horatius Steam

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    4 Discussions


    Reply 1 year ago

    Yes of course, you can switch the mains by a normal power switch

    Oh, yes!
    Please post some pictures here.
    I like to see more of theses artificial flowers.

    Please mention, that I used neon bulbs in that instructable.

    With kind regards,

    Horatius Steam


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very impressive. I'm going to make a similar one but w/ red and blue lights :)