The Victorian Sound-Tube...A Steampunk Mp3 Player




About: Hi, i am a Steampunk Artist from Germany. You have Questions? Write me, check out my Homepage or meet me at Facebook.I look forward to your entries :)

The Victorian Sound-Tube is a Steampunk Mp3 Player with motorized holding Arms and Sound to Light Control. The Tube lies on a Holder and two Arms of Brass are holding the Tube from both Sides. Put a Switch and the Arms separate the Tube.

Step 1: Lets Go..

First we need a Musicman Ma Mp3 Player. On Ebay for small Money ;)

Lampholder Arms, Coppertube 60mm, Ballscrews,Micromotors,Sound to Light Control for Cold Cathode Lights, Cold Cathode ( Blue with Inverter),Threaded rod, Hot Glue, Switches and Batterys, Endswitches

Take the Electronics from the Housing of the Musicman. Be carefull, there are thin cables in it and ground please once ! Solder 2 Cables on the On/Off Switch from the Musicman to Control it later from outside the Tube.

Now we take a Coppertube and drill holes where also the buttons are from the Musicman. I soldered smal Brasstubes as guidance for the Buttons. ( Second Pic ). I used old Lampholders for the Speakerhousing. Cut them and take ventilation screens from the building market. Stick it together. The Speakers from the Musicman fit in exactly (Pic 5 ). Put the Electronic inside the Coppertube, fix it with Hotglue. Now by the before drilled holes we push from above ball-screw inside as tracers. Now build everything together ( Pic 6 ) and you got an Mp3 Player in a Tube. Big Sry but I have no more other pictures !!!

Step 2: The Housing

Take Beach Wood or Poplar and build the shape of the housing depending upon your fantasy. Paint it with Woodcolor.

Solder a Holder for the Soundtube as in the second Picture. It goes also differently. Important is, the Tube has a good lying Position. I made an half shell from the same Coppertube and paste it with Black velvet.^^

Step 3: Inside the Housing

Inside the Housing there is sitting the whole Mechanics and Electronics. In order to let the Arms move to left and right, i take 2 Micomotors.Connect with a threaded rod. At the Start and Endpoints there must be sitting an Endswitch. The Endswitch must after lengthen push way to be aligned.

Step 4: Finish

After the assembly it looks then in such a way. This Project i made in November 2014. Two Weeks work.

I hope you like this Instructable :)

Best Regards

Leander Lavendel

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    3 years ago

    Hi I was wondering where do you get the micro motors from? And the gear/linkage? Very cool project by the way.

    2 replies
    DuaneJ1Leander Lavendel

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks for the quick reply. I have been looking around for the Lampholder Arms that you used, looks like the only place I can get them is from USA. Is there any other place closer to Europe even if it's in china that they can be sourced from?
    Many thanks!


    3 years ago

    VERY WELL MADE, I like your works ..DO YOU SELL any of your works of ART ?

    1 reply

    4 years ago

    looks absolutely awesome. how do you power / charge the mp4

    2 replies

    4 years ago