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Introduction: The Villains Hideout

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Hello! I am going to show you some of the most sinister weapons of two very famous villains of all time - Whiplash and Sinestro. These 2 have almost broken the 2 superheroes (Iron man and Green lantern). I didn't find any instructables on this, so I went ahead and made these.

This is a 2 in 1 instructable in which I am going to be making Whiplash's whip and Sinestro's power ring. These are very easy to make and cost very less. So, let's get started!

Step 1: Whiplash's Whip

Materials :

1) Clear plastic tubing (I used 1 meter)

2) Blue LED strip (I used 1 meter)

3) A 9 volt battery

4) A battery clip

5) Electrical tape

6) A lighter (To fuse the ends of the tube)

7) A cardboard roll

8) Scissors

9) A marker

Step 2: Making the Handle

Take the cardboard roll and measure out the size of the grip using your hand. I used a spare torch part to make the base.

Then, I used blue electrical tape to make the grip. I used a cardboard piece and stuck it on the bottom to complete the handle. I decided to make the whole thing blue. So, I painted the cardboard blue.

Step 3: Making the Main Whip

I cut a circle of cardboard and made a hole in it. I made it big enough so the pipe would fit snug in it. Then, I had to connect the battery to the LED strip.

The pack had a warning saying I shouldn't solder it. So, I connected a battery clip and joined it to the LED strip using electrical tape.

Then, I put the LED strip through the pipe and stuck it at the end. I fused the ends of the tube together. I connected everything and put the battery in the pipe. I stuck the whole thing together tightly. And its done!

(NOTE: You can also add a switch to make it more energy conserving, and customize it as per your liking)

This whole thing is flexible, so you can use it as a real whip. Just be careful not to hurt anyone

Step 4: Sinestro's Power Ring

Materials :

1) Thin cardboard or cardstock

2) A bottle cap

3) Glue / tape

4) A marker

5) Scissors / cutter

6) A ruler

7) Yellow paint

Step 5: Making the Top

Put the bottle cap on the cardboard and trace around it. Then, cut it out.

On the cardboard, mark and cut out a strip of 1 cm. Draw an outline of the bottle cap on cardboard. Using this as a guide, wrap the strip around it to form a loop. Line the circle with the loop and stick them together. This will be the top of the ring.

Step 6: Making the Base

On a piece of cardboard, mark out and cut a strip 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide. Wrap the strip around your finger and mark the part which you need.

Then, draw the template as in the picture and cut it out. Form it into a loop and stick it.

This is the base.

Step 7: Forming the Ring

Now you will have 2 parts - the base and the top. Paint both of them yellow.

On cardboard draw the outline of a bottle cap. Draw a smaller circle inside that. Then, draw the power ring symbol on it. Cut it out and paint it yellow and black according to the picture. Stick this in the center of the top.

Stick the base and top together and you're done!

(You can greatly improvise these projects and customize them to your will. You can also buy these for cheap, but remember homemade is the best)

Thank you for seeing this instructable and if you liked it, favourite it. Also, if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments :)

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