The White Tiger V2 Rifle




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Check my Bischoff 720 A.T.S too!

This is my White Tiger V2 Rifle
It's the baby brother of the Bischoff with a little extra:
It has the looks that the Bischoff lacks.
It has a range of 165 ft with a rubberband that is thick and small.
And the accuracy is up to 100 ft!
It's great fun when sniping.

-cool looks
-strong body design
-nice looking fake mag
-better stock than the Bischoff
-comfortable handle
-foldable bi-pod
-same Bischoff trigger system

-lots of parts required

For short:
It's a very recommandable rifle

Step 1: The Barrel

The hardest at the beginning.
build the barrel.

Step 2: The Fake Mag

This part is not required but it makes it look cool and it's a more comfortable handle.

Step 3: Bullet

This is the ammo that fires the best:
1 red rod, 1 tan clip and ducktape fins at the back as shown.

When reloading, tilt your bullet 90 degrees and lock it in place.
when it fires it will spin when it is in mid-air and makes a more stable shot.

Step 4: The Bi-Pod (foldable)

This is my first ever foldable bi-pod!
i know it looks a bit flimsy but it can take the weapon's weight and that's enough.

Step 5: Stock

This part is for a steady shot and strength.

Step 6: Handle

This part is for an even steadier shot and an easy pull trigger.

Step 7: Shooting System

This part is to give the bullet pressure for shooting it far.

Take 64# rubberband
cut it so you have a long one
cut a little bit of like 1 inch
and then you have an almost ideal shooting system

Step 8: Trigger

This part is for locking the bullet so it won't fly off straight into your eye.

Step 9: The Bullet Emplacer

this is the part that makes sure that it fires when you pull the trigger.

Step 10: Assembly of the Barrel

This part is VERY required!
pic 1: bullet shooter + barrel
pic 2: assemble them
pic 3: fake mag + barrel
pic 4: assemble them
pic 5: better look
pic 6: bullet emplacement + barrel
pic 7: assemble them
pic 8: trigger + barrel
pic 9: assemble them

Barrel Completed

Step 11: Assemble the Bi-Pod/Stock/Handle

This is rquired for strength and a slick body design.
Pic 1: handle + trigger
Pic 2: assemble them
Pic 3: stock + handle
Pic 4: assemble them
Pic 5: bi-pod +barrel
Pic 6: assemble them
pic 7: bi-pod unfolded

Gun Complete.
View Step 12 on how to string the rubberbands and Step 13 how to click the Bi-Pod and Step 14 on how to Re-load.

Step 12: Stringing the Rubberbands

Pic 1: String the rubberbands of the trigger as shown

Step 13: How to Click the Bi-Pod

Click it as shown.

Step 14: How to Reload

Get your bullet.
Make sure it is in the center of the rubberband.
Lock it in place.
Close up on "how to lock".

Step 15: It's Done!!!

You've built yourself the White Tiger V2 Rifle.
Have Freaking much fun with my knex gun.



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    i got a tip, build the scorpion. It has a good range when you use good rubberbands.

    If you build it, please use my bullet mod (:


    8 years ago on Step 6

    this handle is so chunky i can barely get my hand round it


    9 years ago on Step 1

    is that green rod in pic 6 supposed to be there or on the other side like in pic 1

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 1

    dont matter you can add it later if you just leave it off for now


    9 years ago on Step 15

    Is have freaking much fun correct grammar?? just wondrin.


    10 years ago on Step 3

    can you plz post an instructables for making the fins because i always seem to mess them up

    2 replies

    9 years ago on Step 3

    howe moet je de kogel erin dauwe?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    please after uve posted ure sipriani v3 can u make a turret gun, or a pump action rifle or shotgun