The WhiteSoftboard

Introduction: The WhiteSoftboard

The WhiteSoftboard is a tool that everyone must have. Its the perfect way to pretend that you're incredibly busy to stop those annoying questions that are constantly shot at you. It requires just two simple steps

Step1: Build WhiteSoftboard

Step2: Fill whiteboard. Pin up multiple papers on the softboard.

And thats it! This is an extremely simple, but useful project to make. I made two for myself, one with a "wood" look and one with a more "modern" look. I personally like the wood finish better, but you can decorate yours however you want. Lets get started!

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Step 1: Materials and Tools Required

(All costs have been converted from INR)


1. 1 sheet of 60cm x 45cm 1/2 inch plywood = 10$ (will vary depending on the size of whiteboard)

2. Around 20-30 1 inch screws: <1$

3. Nice looking wood strips (like in the picture) of lengths equal to the sides of the plywood sheet. Even if the lengths are a bit short, it doesn't matter. You can use multiple pieces on one side. Cost varies from 5$ - 15$.

4. A whiteboard of your choice: Cost depends on the size you choose

5. A cork board/ soft board/ pin board. A good choice would be to get a large board that can be cut up. It allows for more design flexibility.


1. A drill and a Phillips bit

2. Paint/ polyurethane/ and wood finish

Step 2: Building the Frame

Building the frame is an extremely easy task, even for a novice woodworker. Just place the woodstrips on the plywood, and screw them in place using the drill. Its as simple as that.

Step 3: Attaching the Softboard and Whiteboard

Simply place the softboard and whiteboard on the frame, clamp it in place, and screw them in.

Note: Make sure that the screw is not so long that it goes through the whiteboard / softboard

Any suitable finish can now be applied to the project. I constructed a small holder for whiteboard markers and an eraser on my board.

And thats it! You're WhiteSoftboard is ready!

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