The Winds of Wondrous Nature

About: I did this with 2.6.0#3

There may not be instructions held within these steps per say, but that never stopped people from finding the meaning behind the facade of words before...

Tonight we take a trip down the path of the unknown. The destination not quite clear, and the way not well traveled.

This, well this hasn't really been defined before. Lets just call it: The Testing Zone

Step 1: The Radar Blip

"We got incoming bogey's on the front lines" reports Private Johan Stratford "Moving at, well i'm surprised they are still in the air, 15 knots"

Commander Dart looks out into the distance, pondering that for a moment, letting the fear set in... he knows what is coming.

Step 2: Fast Forward 3 Days in Time

All is quiet in the woods. only the wind stirs the silence around us...

still the fear persists, gnawing at our sanity like rats in a cane field. The Commander never did tell us why we needed to be on guard tonight..

Is it ominous, or is there good fortune on these winds of time that swirl in the air around us?

Step 3: Superstitions

The guide grumbles about the gods and picks up some soil, only to cup his hands and blow it into the air in your face....

your reality is distorted by the fear that has been gnawing at your mind. the world spins and the shadows feel heavy on your soul as you try to regain your sight.

Step 4: The Reveal

As you regain your vision from that weird turn of events he opens his hands to reveal:

Step 5: Bitter Endings

He held within his hands the sunset of another place. A beach never seen and a sky never known. For he held within his hands the world of another life. A world not destined to be experienced by this flesh...



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