The Winter Soldier Arm

Introduction: The Winter Soldier Arm

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When the Captain America, Civil War trailer came out I knew I had to see the movie. But I didn't want to go as a average superhero nerd. I wanted to go as the Winter Soldier. But there was no convenient Hydra trains nearby that I could fall off of. That meant I would haver to build the arm myself, and when still keeping my left arm attached to my body. I began looking up tutorials of how to make the Winter Soldier's Arm. None of them satisfied me. I wanted something that looked real.

With no clear path, I started out on my own. and with a lot of patience, improvising, and captain america movie trailers to keep me motivated, this is what I built.

Step 1: The Tools You Need

You will need the following tools;

Metal Shears,

Needle nose grips,


A marker,

A nail,


a face mask.

And the following supplies;

Plastic wrap,

masking tape,

duct tape,

roofing tin,

red spray paint,

Contact Cement,


a fingerless glove,

and stiff plastic.

Step 2: Starting Out...

Using the plastic wrap, cover you entire arm. Then coat it in masking tape, add a second layer of duct tape for strength. Make sure you don't tape to tightly as you will need to be able to slip your arm in and out later.

Cut your arm free, then tape the arm back together. You should then have a replica of your arm.

Divide the arm into two separate pieces, the fore arm and the upper arm.

Step 3:

Now cut your duct tape arm so you can lay it flat. Then trace the outlines of the arm onto the plastic. Cut the plastic tracings out.

Step 4:

Now you have a 2D plastic version of your duct tape arm. To make it 3D you are going to have to sew it together. Using the hammer and nail create a line of holes on the plastic arm in the same spots were you made cuts on the duct tape arm.

Using the Needle nose grips, wire, and the holes you made, sew the opposite edges back together.

Step 5:

Have the patten for arm planed out ahead. Cut the shape out of the roofing tin, arrange it and tape it onto your arm so you have a good idea what the end result will be. when you are satisfied with the look of the arm then start glueing the pieces on. DO NOT RUSH THIS PART. the glue will take a while to dry. Also wear the face mask to protect yourself from the fumes of the contact cement.

Step 6:

Your Final arm should look something like this. It isn't very flexible or comfortable, but being awesome is a heavy burden to bear.

Use the same procedure that you used for the arm to create the fingers.

Don't forget to stencil a red star on the shoulder!

Step 7: Finish

It is now finished. It's final done. You look amazing, nerds heads exploded were ever you go, and you have to run from the Black Panther sometimes, But it is worth it.

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    Awesome costume accessory. Are you planning on wearing it to a convention?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks! I have only worn it to the movie theaters, not any convention yet.

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    That is really good! Nice job! It looks like it gives you a decent amount of room to move your arm which is great :)