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Introduction: The Winter Soldier Arm

So my daughter decided she wanted to cosplay TWS. I started looking online and just couldn't find the right arm piece to make. I then came across a post on RPF (would give credit if I could find again). They said they used the left arm from classic iron man pepakura foam file. So I gave it a shot.

Step 1:

I used the classic iron foam file to make these. (I lengthened the bicep a little closer to the elbow and the upper shoulder part was lengthened also)
Thanks to jf customs for file

Step 2:

First bicep piece was a little big, forearm was fine. I re-scaled bicep and used Evil Ted method to draw out design. I cut out the shapes using foamies and glued with super glue.

Step 3:

I then plasti dipped, sprayed with metallic finish and finished off the star with some red acrylic paint. I strapped it across chest and back with nylon webbing and a plastic flat buckle. Although this method worked out great it was not strong enough and it tore in one spot after one con. I decided to coat it with fiberglass resin after repairs. (big mistake) The paint and plasti dip started melting away. No worries, I wiped away resin, paint and plasti dip. This took me back to the foam base. Now I was able to coat foam with resin finished off with metallic spray paint and finished star again.

Step 4:

I then decided to remake bicep piece using resin only method. To bad I had scrapped original scale size it turned out too big. It was looking awesome. I was going to paint the star on this one instead of making it part of design.
Hope this helps somebody else.

Step 5:

I later decided to remake the arm piece using same method but coating with fiberglass resin and was just going to draw the star. Two coats. Unfortunately it was a little big since I scrapped the original file.

Step 6:

Step 7:



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    Hello! I was wondering what material you used to build in the first step?

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    Hello there! Your daughters costume is amazing! You did a terrific job. I've been looking for a WS arm template for my son so I was very happy to have come across your page. Unfortunately when I try to access the link you provided for jf customs it says that particular thread has been deleted. Would it be possible that you still have the file and can email it to me? Thanks!!!! :)

    1 reply

    Thanks for the feedback. I no longer have the file. Here is the link to the classic Iron man file, I just used the left arm.

    Awesome. I made one of these a while back, but it doesn't fit anymore, so I might try and do it your way. :)

    What did you put under the foam design? Because the foam had to go on something, and is it another layer of foam, or is it something else (if so what?).

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    Yup, first layer is also foam. Made it using pepakura files of the classic Iron Man by JFCustoms.

    Thanks! I am pretty new to all of this and it looked like the yellow and green was plastic. What thickness of foam do you suggest? And how do you get it to mold so smoothly to the arm? Was it heat or careful gluing and shaving down?

    I think this is my last question (and possibly a dumb one), where did you get the star and all those design pieces, was there a traceable pattern you found for that bit? Or did you eyeball it?

    I used Evil Ted method. covered with a couple layers of aluminum foil, put tape on it. I then drew pattern right on the arm piece. Then I carefully cut it out. As i removed the patterns from the arm i traced the next each pieace coming off that way i would at least have an idea where they went on the arm. I then transfered pattern to 2mm foam. Then carefully glued on one piece at a time. Hope this helps.

    I meant to put this in the first comment, but this is super cool!!

    that looks great! ive been looking for a lot less complicated way!!