The Witch King of Angmar Wood Burner




Introduction: The Witch King of Angmar Wood Burner

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The Witch King of Angmar wood burner up cycled from an empty gas bottle and some scrap steel.

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Step 1: Sketch

Remove the paint from your bottle and sketch out your design. I use a grinder and ultra thin cutting disc to start cutting out the design.

Step 2: Any Old Iton

I used a piece of 4" box section to create the helmet part of the design, this was nice and rusty which gave the design an authentic look.

Step 3: Crown and Chimney

I used some 1" pipe to create the spikes around the helmet. The burner had two chimneys to start.

Step 4: Test Burn

The burner looked great lit up but the flames were firing out of the eyes rather than the chimney and blacking up the helmet.

Step 5: 3 Tier Chimney and Paint

I added another chimney to give this sucker 3 chimneys. I masked up the rusty helmet part of the burner and hit the burner with 3 coats of Ultra High Temp black, I then gave the rusty helmet 3 coats of UHT clear coat.

Step 6: Burn the Witch

Build your fire, light and enjoy...

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    Huge lord of the rings fan. this is sweeeet!

    Amazing work! The LOTR fan in me wants one of these so bad!

    I want a few of these...great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amazing design, but sadly rather illegal in the UK:

    1 reply

    only if he does not own the tank. If you are renting it: it is illegal to destroy other persons property.

    The details have actually all been ground down and are actually quite dull...they just look sharp...

    It is important to only use gas bottles from companies that are no longer trading and fill the bottle with water to displace any left over gas. Safety first people.

    I am constantly amazed by your creations! This is my favorite by far.

    Easily the best Fireplace I've seen all year :D Awesome Job !