The Workings of a Subtle Heart Bracelet and Earring



Introduction: The Workings of a Subtle Heart Bracelet and Earring

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Step 1: Create Earrings

Thread a head pin through an Elaine Ray pipe bead. Bend the head pin and trim to ½ inch. Create a loop using your round nose pliers. Using your flat nose pliers open a 9 mm jump ring and thread it through the loop on the bead and through the ring on the ear wire. Close securely. Repeat to make second earring.

Step 2: Trim Leather and Thread Elaine Ray Beads

Using your cutters trim leather to 6” lengths.* Thread one strand of leather through an Elaine Ray pipe bead. Repeat with two more strands of leather and the remaining two pipe beads.

Step 3: Glue Leather Into Machine End

Gather the leather strands together and rubber band one end into a tight bundle.** Carefully even up the strands and then fit the end into a machine end. Note the fit, and adjust by adding or subtracting leather strands until the machine end is snug around the leather. Remove the machine end and place a small drop of glue inside. Reinsert the bundled leather and twist to spread the glue. Repeat with the other machine end and leather. Set this aside for 24 hours before proceeding to allow glue to dry completely.

Step 4: Attach Clasp and Heart

Using your flat nose pliers attach the magnet clasp to both ends of the bracelet using two 9mm jump rings. Use the remaining jump ring to attach the heart to the jump ring on one side of the clasp.

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