The Zombie Apocalypse!

Introduction: The Zombie Apocalypse!

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Perhaps it comes from a disease, perhaps a curse.  Maybe its origins are technological, supernatural, or even extraterrestrial. However it might occur, we all know:

the zombie apocalypse is coming!

...what form will it take when it comes? Allow me to share a few conjectures...

US Size E hook
Worsted weight yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease
polyester fiberfill
polymer clay
plastic safety eyes
glass pellets
plastic canvas
paint stirrers
fabric paint markers, red and black

Note: I'm still in the process of formatting the actual crochet patterns. More specific directions are yet to come...

Step 1: The Hospital: Patient Zero

9 out of 10 zombie scholars agree: the hospital is the most likely spot for an outbreak to start. By the time that you notice that the patients are looking a little *too* unhealthy, it's all over.

Use fabric markers to emphasize sunken eyes and gore. Try going over the red marker with a darker marker in order to simulate old blood.

Use polymer clay for elements that are tricky to get in sufficient detail with yarn. Remember to add holes to stitch the polymer clay pieces into place, since I find that simply gluing clay pieces into place provides a relatively weak bond.

Step 2: A Magical World of Ponies

No, not even the ponies are spared.

If you're dealing with a zombie outbreak that jumps species, things are about to get *very interesting.*

The large head+small body combination is cute, but rather top-heavy. I suggest using glass pellets instead of stuffing for the body, in order to give it a bit of weight. You can generally find glass pellets where they sell fake flowers.

Step 3: A Daring Escape

When things get really hairy, it helps to have air support.

Use paint stirrers to reinforce the helicopter blades.
Use plastic canvas to strengthen the helicopter body.
Do not get cornered by a zombie mob.

Step 4: Nightmare in the Garden

Garden gnomes, man. I never trusted 'em.

Use fabric markers to emphasize sunken eyes and gore.
There really isn't a trick to making polymer clay weapons. Start with a Google image search, and plan to take a fair amount of time.

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