The Annoying Knex Machine

Introduction: The Annoying Knex Machine

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Hey guys, so for a while now I havent posted anything, or been around on Ibles much, but now Im back and to start off again, Im going to post this cool little device I made.

Its not much, but its annoying. How it works: As you turn the handle of the top of the box, 3 gears connected to each other spin, and there is an arm touching one of the gears, and as the gear turns, the arm clicks on its teeth, creating a super annoying sound.

Here is a video of it in action:

So you like what you see do you? Well that's good to hear! So without further ado, proceed the next next step, gather the pieces, and let's get building! :-)

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Step 1: Parts List

here is all the parts you need to make the annoying machine:

Grey- 0
Red- 0
Yellow- 1
Blue- 3
White- 34
Green- 36


Purple 3D- 36
Blue 3D- 6
White- 6
Green- 1
Orange- 3


Medium red cogs- 2
Small blue/grey cogs (picture)- 1
Blue spacers- 7
Silver spacers- 2
Very small rubberband- 2
Y Connector- 1

Got those? Then lets get crackin'!

Step 2: The Base

This is the base of the machine...

1. Build this
2. Another view
3. Another view

Put that to one side, and head on to the next step!

Step 3: The Interiors

Here are all the little bits and bobs that go inside the machine...

1. Make this, more pictures to come
2. Wrap a small rubberband around the Y connentor and green connector
3. Clip in that white rod
4. Slide a silver spacer on the white rod
5. Make this
6. Get the other pieces shown
7. Get 9 white rods (there are only 8 in the picture, sorry!)
8. Get these gears
9. Get a small rubberband
10. Get 2 blue spacers
11. Make these

Thats the interiors done... lets move onto the next step

Step 4: Combining Steps 2 and 3

Here is where we will put the interiors (step 3) into the base (step 2)...

1. Get the base that you made before
2. Add the 9 white rods where shown
3. Add that little bit which you made before, next picture is another view
4. Another view
5. Get these pieces from before
6. Slide the white connector and 1 blue spacer and 1 silver spacer onto the yellow rod like shown
7. Add a tan clip on
8. Slide another red cog on, making sure the tan clip interlocks with it
9. Attach it where shown
10. Another view
11. Grab this small gear
12. Put it on the middle white rod
13. Grab this red gear
14. Put it on the white rod where shown
15. Get the other small rubberband
16. Put it around the 2 white rods shown, next picture is another view
17. Another view
18. Get 2 blue spacers
19. Put them on top of the 2 gears like shown

That was quite a long, but easy, step, you may now proceed to step 5... :-P

Step 5: The Top/lid

This is the bit which cover the whole box up... small step though...

1. Make this
2. Another view
3. Another view

LOL, that was easy, next step!

Step 6: Connecting the Lid to Everything Else

We will now connect the lid to everything else you have made.

1. Get the lid and the rest of the machine (steps 2-5) and make sure your lid is facing the same way mine is in the picture
2. Line the lid up with the rest of the machine
3. Keep going...
4. Keep going...
5. Clip the white connector on the handle into the lid (read the notes)
6. Now attach all the white rods around the outside of the base onto the purple connectors around the top/lid (look at the notes)
7. Get these 3 pieces from before
8. Clip 1 in here, note which side it is on
9. Clip 1 in here
10. And 1 in here also

Step 7: You Are Done!

Congratulations! You have finished your annoying machine, hope you will have loads of fun annoying your family and friends with it :-)

Thanks for building, and please rate, comment and subscribe!

Thanks again! :-)

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