The Art of Pomelo for Moon Festival




Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival)is about the holiday celebrated in most Asia country like mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam and by ethnic Chinese worldwide. Mid-Autumn Festival also have different terms be used to describe in Japan and in Korea.

There were different celebrating way by different country. Eat moon cake , Pomelo , outdoor barbecues , carrying of brightly lit lanterns are very common in Taiwan.

To make an unique lantern and sculpture on Pomelo become very popular activities in Mid-Autumn Festival for fun.Mid-Autumn Festival is coming in Taiwan and in this article would show an easy and interesting way of Pomelo sculpturing.

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Step 1: Choosing a Pomelo and Finding a Suitable Model

The shape of Pomelo is very unique, so finding a suitable model is quite important.

Angry Bird, totoro (Japan animation) is very common model be choice. And you just need to prepare a Pomelo, cutter knife, color pen and some materials you want to dress up on your masterpiece. The procedure of Totoro sculpturing would show as below.

Step 2: Using Color Pen to Sketch Up the Outline of Your Model Before Cut

Step 3: Using the Cutting Knife to Cut the Peel

Step 4: Don’t Waste the Cut Peel, It Can Be Make the Hands, Ears

Step 5: Don’t Forget the Toothpick, It Is a Very Good Material for Joined

Step 6: Done

If you are interest for that, find out one of your favorite model. And make fun in any time.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    These are adorable. Thanks for sharing and do have a nice festival.



    4 years ago on Introduction

    Those look so cool! I've never heard of pomelo before. Thanks for sharing!