The Assignment




Introduction: The Assignment

For this assignment we had to choose a blueprint and alter it, make it our own, and then cut it out with a laser and  put it together.

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Step 1: The Reindeer Head

We had some difficulties with finding the blueprint because we had chosen blueprints that you either had to pay for or were in 3d so we could not use those. After a long search we found a blueprint of a reindeer head that a friend of us had used. It was some kind of puzzle with all these pieces you had to slide into each other to make a reindeer head. She had used her blueprint to make the reindeer head with cardboard. We decided to alter the blueprint in illustrator so that we could make it with wood. We made the slots bigger so that the pieces of wood would fit in it and we also had to alter the thickness because the wood was thicker than cardboard.


Step 2: The File

This is the file we used in Illustrator. 

Step 3: The Fabrication

After we had finished the blueprint and it was ready for the laser cutter we went to the “stadslab” and we were put on a waiting list to use the laser cutter. While we were waiting we were told to make all the cutting lines in the blueprint bright red and we had to set those lines on 0.1 mm. After waiting for about 2 hours it was our turn to use the laser cutter. We had two pieces of wood so we cut out the blueprint two times. This way we would have spare pieces if something would go wrong. It took about an hour altogether and now we had our pieces!

Step 4: The Pieces

These are our pieces of the puzzle !

Step 5: End Result

We took the pieces home and with only a picture of the end result we tried fitting the pieces together. It was one big puzzle but we figured it out and our end result was an awesome wooden reindeer that smelled like burnt wood that reminds you of winter!

We have chosen for the license Attribution – NonCommercial- Share alike CC BY-NC-SA, because this  lisence gives others the opportunity to use our work, change it but they have to credit us and  they cant use it for commercial purposes. They also need to licence their creation under the same terms as we did.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I would like to make this, but only bigger. Like the size of a traditional deer mount.Can you provide a template that size to. Thanks.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    What thickness of wood is that? And what size sheets did you use Thanks


    6 years ago

    that looks amazing! thanks for the credit!