The Basics of Knitted Roll Crafts (a Super Easy Craft)

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This video shows the basic skills necessary for doing crafts with knitted rolls (what's a knitted roll). 
The skills are very easy to learn and the projects can usually be completed in one day. It is a great craft for beginners and children. The projects are done with yarn and a yarn needle, which is too blunt to hurt anyone.

Those who want more of a challenge can make their own project with knitted rolls and post it to Instructables. 

To get a free roll as a sample go to

o learn how to do different knitted roll projects follow the video links below:

long and simple rug
thick and quick rug
woven rug
flexible woven rug
cozy toes rug
5 minute infinity scarf
10 minute classic scarf
5 second scarf



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