The Bass Guitar Guide





Introduction: The Bass Guitar Guide

this is an instructable that will teach you the basic's of bass to use a bass tab,know your instrument and know your amp.

Step 1: The Headstock and Tuning Heads

the head stock will hold the end of the bass strings and the tuning heads tune the bass guitar.

Step 2: Knobs and Input

the volume knob says what it does it controls the volume. the tone knob controls the tone. and the input jack well... it is what basically makes the cord of the electric bass go in.

Step 3: The Neck

the neck contains the frets which control the different sounds. sorry I couldn't get the nut in.but that keeps the strings from moving out of place.

Step 4: The Amp

ok now that you know your instrument its time to know your amp. the amp is what basically makes an electric guitar.

Step 5: The Knobs of the Amp

the input jack on here connects with the cord that hooks in to the guitar. the volume well what do ya think? yep it controls the volume treble controls the treble and bass controls the bass.

Step 6: POWER!

really the only thing i need to say is that the power obviously controls power.

Step 7: The Plugin Cord

well make sure you have an outlet like this.

Step 8: Bass Tabs

bass tabs look like this only will be in song form. is a good place for bass tabs
the letters at the starting are the strings.the numbers stand for the number fret you are on. the ----'s are when you don't play anything.

A [------5------8-----------------]

Step 9: Now You Have Learned the Basic's of the Bass Guitar

well there you go oh and enjoy my video



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    17 Discussions

    how much does it cost,a new bass guiter?.

    Sorry but in the above tab, it is wrong on the tuning. It is shown like this:

    A [------5------8-----------------]

    It should be E A D G not D A D G

    Would be much better with clear pics.

    the pickups in the guitar generate their own electricity, because their magnets with windings around them! so it technically is an output but as long as you know what is being talked about it doesn't really matter

    Volume and Tone knobs should feel smooth to turn. They should not crackle when you turn them. If they do, a little WD-40 (or similar) will help.

    Tone knobs let you adjust the ratio between low and high tones. ( My bass has a 3 band equalizer on it. )

    i cant even tell what some of the pictures are supposed to be

    To make less blurry pics, take pics in good lighting, with a medium ISO, low aperture, no flash, and macro setting.

    What kind of bass is that? I'm going to start bass soon, and I'm looking at beginner models.

    ok...but what exactly is tone? you might want to explain.

    thats an output jack on the guitar itself... the music comes out of the guitar and into the amp. The amp has the input jack

    1 reply

    i would agree with KFBass...for most things worth playing one must know how to read actual music, not tab. Tab is very hard when you are working with a whole band.

    Maybe add an extra page about reading music on the bass?