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 This is the first Instructable I have posted and is probably really very terribly crap so.....feel free to rate as badly as you like and please only submit appropriate comments. This instructable is just to advise Knexers which guns are the best. Credit to the people whose guns I put on this instructable.
10 of the best guns on this site in my opinion so here goes......

Step 1: Mac .10

 This is a really cool gun, im gonna keep it and not break it :D hahaha, anyway, entenie-1995 built it so credit to that guy or girl maybe, i found this gun really good after i found the right elastics to go with it, i haven't pushed the mag capacity past 10 grey connectors but that is still pretty damn impressive considering it hasn't jammed or shot multiple bullets by accident. 

powerful (with right elastics)
mag capacity high
mag always works well
comfy handle (though for me i had to alter it a bit)
trigger is cool
it's cool
I AM COOL! lol

took me a while to find the right elastics to go with the gun and had to change end of ram to an A shape 1-slot-grey-connector which i advise everyone else to do also.

10/10 : D

Step 2: Z35 Knex Assault Rifle

 The Z35 is an awesome gun and in my opinion is the best of it's king that I have seen so far. It has 2 different magazines and a chamber door that I think is an awesome idea. I couldn't actually make it myself as I haven't got enough yellow connectors and small green rods are also in fairly high demand. Credit to Oblivitus.

Many great ideas
Variation of magazines
Guide on Mlcad so it's really clear.
Most comfortable handle on any gun I've built.
Extremely Authentic in it's look and operating.
Reasonable piece count.
Deadly accurate.


Step 3: Knex Striker Pistol

 This is another brilliant Knex masterpiece which I have made myself. I got this gun to shoot all the way through a document folder full of paper. Granted the rod was sharpened in a pencil sharpener but this is really really powerful and the trigger and firing system is very smart.Credit to I_AM_CANADIAN

Great trigger
Comfy handle
very powerful

I personally removed the hand guard because I think it looks daft but thats a matter of opinion

Step 4: Knex Heavy Cannon

 This has gotta be one of the most powerful guns I've never made.   It sure is one of if not THE most powerful guns on this site. Credit to I_AM_CANADIAN

Very powerful
Looks awesome
Trigger system is genius

Uses loads of pieces

Step 5: X985 Vivisector

 Why do all the most awesome Knex guns ever use so many pieces? Once again a gun I've never had the chance to make cuz I haven't got enough pieces. Judging by the video though this is one mean machine. Credit to Darth Trainman

Very Very rapid fire
Back mounted (if you like)
Very decent power
Genius idea

Uses loads of pieces

Step 6: Reaper Crossbow

 The first gun in this instructable I have personally made and don't regret it one bit. Credit to Wicky

Looks good
Easy to mod in some ways

Cons: I found that the stand was in the wrong place. I moved it further towards the bow part because as the stand was near the end the gun was pointing to the ground and didn't go far but when i put the stand on the top end of the barrel I got it to go about 50m/150ft down my street.

Step 7: Dillon Minigun

 Out of all my Knex obsessed friends none would turn down the chance to make this baby......if there was actually and Instructable for it. Credit to Ironman 69 (?)

Looks amazing
Has brilliant parts
Chain operated

None except for the fact that there's no instructable for it!!!!!

Step 8: Knex Break Action Shotgun

 I'm a sucker for break action and shells. I havent made it but i've gone off the comments people have left.  Credit to owen-mon-82397

Step 9: Brickster LDS

 Ok ill admit it looks...............not the best exactly but the power in this thing is hardly believable. It's kinda like the Heavy cannon but completely different if you know what i mean which you probably dont! Cred 2 222222539

Step 10: WW2 Springfield

 This is the authentic WW2 gun used on games like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty.
This is an awesome looking gun which I have made myself. Credit to Mr Stealth.

Looks amazing
True trigger and awesome sight
Love the stock and the grip is so comfy!!

Unfortunately I personally found this gun to be purely ornamental and the trigger system unreliable but maybe I went wrong somewhere =)

Step 11: Lancer

 This is a Knex version of the Lancer from Gears of War which is a chainsaw merged on to a gun.
I haven't made it as there are no actual instructions as far as I am aware. Credit to Bakenbitz

A chainsaw on A GUN!

hand guard needs some work
He has awful floor tiles. I hope my point is clear now.

Step 12: Just Some Other Good Guns and Parts and Other Stuff Id Reccomend

 Sypranic 8 round revolver+modern cylinder made out of duct tape and silver connectors-sypran
oh 4get it.............
Z35 Just about every part. But especially the handle.



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    ajn0007Fred the evil puppet

    Reply 8 years ago on Step 8

    a break action is where after firing it, it needs to break open to reload

    best example Double barrel shotgun where the back is "Broken" open to reload


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    No, an Elephant Gun was a anti-tank sniper rifle. And to clerify "break action" it means that a guns barrel is on a swivel connected to the stock. When the parrel is pulled down, it resets the gun, and activates the firing pin/hammer. Look up a vid on "break barrel shotgun.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    It seems everyone have the same favorites.....

    ant ant 33knexpeople

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 7

     bet u are lol!!!!! it works too probably!
    we could shoot all the ppl who use block triggers huh???? l: hahahahaha


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 2

    mlcad, you can download it at oblivius post of his gun


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 2

    i found that out ages ago about the day after i posted that comment which was about 7 months ago!!!


    8 years ago on Step 10

    Best sniper ever! mine is like 2 years old, it survived...