The Best Paper BOOMERANG Ever Made.





Introduction: The Best Paper BOOMERANG Ever Made.

This is almost my first instructable.
in this you will be knowing how to make the best paper boomerang in the world.

if you watch the video directly instead of reading this one.. it would be a bit better... 

The video includes even how to throw this boomerang!!!

Step 1: Materials

1.Bunch of A4 sheets or any other type of paper
2. scissors
4. Broom sticks

Step 2: Making One Part of It.

1. take a square paper
2. fold all the corners towards the center
3. Fold the 2 opposite corners towards the centre ( see the pic or watch the video for clarity) fold the bottom flap backwards join the left and right flaps together... 
you are done with one

You need to make those 15 for a A4 paper and it may vary for other size of paper.

For best results WATCH THE VIDEO! or THE IMAGES .

Step 3: Joining the Pieces

After you have made 15 of them now you need to connect all of them.. for this you need to insert the opposite sides of the two flaps..check out the pictures or the video...

and when you join all the pieces together now plaster all of then as shown. on both the sides
 then you are done with normal one

Step 4: To Make It More Realistic

Sick broom sticks for each and every edge. and fill the gap in the middle with a cardboard and stick the broom sticks and the cardboard with plaster..  now it looks more realistic and looks good :)

and please post the boomerangs which you made i wanna see it

watch the video  

the video includes even how to throw it.

Here is the link if the above video dosen't work :)



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    34 Discussions

    Me either

    it dosent evan give me a video

    hi . the video is not work to me also . I am staying in Malaysia .

    That's more of a glaive than a boomerang

    Broom Stick are about four feet long.
    I'm sure you mean the straw bristles that are from the actual broom?

    2 replies

    it you use the normal A4 paper then use the broomsticks or else if you made the boomerang using a small pages of notepad then go ahead with toothpicks ^^

    I think you mean the straw from a broom, yes? A broomstick is the (very large) handle part of the broom... at least here in America that is what we think of with that term.

    you can just use any other replacement for that. in india broomsticks are the best because they have very light weight and enough stiffness..... you can even use the straws ( the one which you drink juice) ...

    I am quite sure what is meant is this. If you consider type character broom diagrams:

    Like this

    ^ here ^ to here
    is the broom stick

    ^and these are the bristles, which used to be made of straw
    (like a dried grass for animal bedding, not a plastic tube for drinking)

    Not really a boomerang. Just a fancy frisbee.
    Any throwing disk will come back when thrown at such a steep angle.