AMAZING PLANE!! Make It Do Stunts Too!!


Introduction: AMAZING PLANE!! Make It Do Stunts Too!!

This is my favorite plane!! it can fly really smooth if you build it right.

Step 1: Step 1

you need to get a whole piece of paper and fold it along the middle.

Step 2: Step 2


Step 3: Step 3

u know what to do. u do this on every plane! fold the corners

Step 4: Step 4

take the top and fold it down.

Step 5: Step 5

fold top corners to the point

Step 6: Step 6

fold to tip over the middle.

Step 7: Step 7

( this step is optional)

i recommend not doing this step cause it will stall... but if u throw it hard enough it will do a loop. if u turn the plane up side down you'll find a pocket in the wing. take your index and middle finger and slip them under the flap. round it as much as u can.



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    this plane is cool! you rock

    This plane is normally called the Vulture. It won the world record 21 times in a row!!! It flies very well. If you add elevators and rudders, you can make it do many stunts, flips, and dives. I know, because I'm the one who created it!!!

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    This plane is frickin awesome. I've been trying to get one into the garden of the people across the street from my attic room but havent made it yet - it's easily capable of it though! Will keep you posted... p.s Littering is bad mmkay?

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    I managed to get one into the garden - the others were either lost (Note: dont fly planes at night - it's dark!) or ended up on the roof. Several made their way into the drain and played a role in blocking it up! : s Housemates were not impressed

    I know this plane its simple but effective i like it but i can make the worlds real best plane so i dont make this very often

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    ok just type in "how to build the worlds best plane" on google lol and another few ones just try im not sure but try ken blackburn paper planes

    It is fine... forget the people below me...

    eragonsdragon nice plane but by putting it in the launch it group you must have a video for it to qualify for the launch-it challenge make a video and you'll be on your way to win the contest (maybe) thank you!

    But there is nothing on the other side of the plane. :)