The Best Refridgerator Magnet Money Can't Buy




Introduction: The Best Refridgerator Magnet Money Can't Buy

Using the magnets from a dead 3.5" HDD and a piece of wire, I made a super strong refrigerator magnet. When I say super strong, I mean this thing will hold up anything I ever wanted to put on my fridge.

Step 1: Find an Old Hard Drive, and Take It Apart

For this job you'll need some torx drivers of various sizes (5.5, 8, and 10 were what I needed). Just keep taking out screws and peeling back labels until it's all in pieces.

Step 2: Make a Little Wire Handle

I used some 18 gauge solid core wire I salvaged from a vacuum cleaner motor... you can use what you have on hand.

Step 3: Stick Stuff to the Fridge!

Speaker magnets work well too, but I got tired of trying to clean the metal shavings from the rivets off the magnet. Does anyone know a better way to take speaker magnets out?



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    If you have a non-functioning microwave, there is an incredibly strong pair of magnets inside. I think the part is, oddly enough, called a magnetron. If you do decide to harvest them, please be very careful. I'm sure there are electrocution hazards within the microwave.

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    Don't touch the pinkish ceramic stuff in the magnetron (especially if it's broken), it's toxic.

    Beryllium oxide. It's mainly found in older microwaves. I think Wikipedia has some details on it. (Wikipedia was pretty small back when I made that first comment!)

    dude, for some reason, that kinda scares me, that a pinkish ceramic solid thats potentially toxic lives inside the one device i use to cook with....

    Ya, I did this, I had a drive fail on me just a couple months ago. That isn't no lie that magnet is a pain to pull off the fridge. It sure does hold up a heavy calendar with out sliding down.

    you can do it by usin various magnets and making a grid that you can hot glue on some fine plywood an prépare the four holes on it to support you TV =)

    tv on fridge.jpg
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    you might have trouble with the tv because of magnets

    you would have if it was a CRT one but with LCD and TFT, why ? for the reception ? normaly, until the magnets don't move around, it will not change too much ! (in case that the TV as an internal antena), but if connected to wall, what problem can you find ? please tell me i am curious ! really !

    Wait a minute... 800 MEGABYTES?!?!?! THAT'S THE MOST MEMORY I'VE EVER HEARD OF!!! HOW DID YOU ACQUIRE THAT MUCH MEMORY??? I have some old HDDs that have only a tiny bit of memory... (Compared to modern hard drives)

    thanks man i had 8 of these laying around but never put them to use cause i could never get them off without hassling for 10 seconds lol

    they are called rare earth mr.g summer slow fall on you tube for a cool expiriment with these

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    These would be great to magnetize my screwdrivers... thanks for the read.

    Sometimes the HDD magnets are attached to a base that is screwed to the housing with a M10 cap screw that you can use to force it off the base, but you could also use it to attach a convenient handle.

    I would also coat the magnet to avoid damaging the fridge door.