The Best Ways to Do a Long Hair Spiral Braid

Below is a doozy of a cool hairdo that takes a long period of time, is difficult on your fingers, and looks extremely cool! I am right here today to reveal you exactly how I did it, the mistake of my means, and the best ways to make it simpler next time.


My model was going on a trip and planned on using her hair by doing this for 2 weeks. I think it was the ideal trip hair option!

A lace braid indicates you simply include hair in on one side of the french braid. After I did this hairdo on 4 foot long hair, I thought to myself... This video reveals the simpler option ... Lace braid, and beginning at the top and working down and around.

I would certainly part with regards to 6inches of the twist, french braid (cornrow), clip that off, component six more inches, and ongoing intertwining. I intertwined the no cost conclusion, after that covered the intertwined in to a big bun and pinned this with significant hairpin.

Get your lengthiest haired pal and attempt this bad-ass sci-fi empress hairdo this weekend!

A lace braid implies you simply include hair in on one side of the french braid. I would certainly part about 6inches with the twist, french braid (cornrow), clip that off, part six even more inches, and ongoing braiding. I braided the complimentary finish, then covered the braid in a huge bun and pinned that with huge bobby pins.
source: Professional hairstyles for long hair



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