The Bestest Knex Armored Gauntlet



this is my first instructable and i hope u like it so be nice. no spaming or i will send my picture to u 5 million times. I am by no means a knexpert. this is only my second month working with knex. i hope u enjoy it in the next knex war.

Pro's: few pieces and easily modified
and has atatchments for different weapons

con's: alot of open space
pretty big
a little flimsy
claws come off easily when you stab or slash someone

I am NOT responsible for any injury's with wat ever u do with this.

dont aim at people

Step 1: The "backbone" of the Frame

build by the pics.
if u need help on this part get up and go to the hospital.

Step 2: The Top Part

build by the pic.
take my same advice from b4 if u need help.

Step 3: The Supports

build by pics and notes.

Step 4: More Supports

build by pics

Step 5: Now for the Slopped Part...

build by pics.

Step 6: Making the Claws

I give full credit for these to my brother who u know as "wats-a-username"

build by pics...again

Step 7: Now Enjoy This Picture of a Mentally Insane Man.




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    5 years ago

    I hates spamz :(

    the potato

    6 years ago on Step 7

    spam clean activated:error code 3457810467:activating:

    spam is now gone logging out


    7 years ago on Step 2

    wooooooo! i'm da first 2 comment here, on step 2 of this 'able, nice build!

    (YOUR N

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Dude I killed this thing with a Knex rod it sucks!!!